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Name: mysecretlver
Birthday: Aug 4 1995
Location: Wherever you want me to be.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 16 May 2014

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Personal Bio
  • message me day or night, I will try and respond as soon as possible. Once you talk to me awhile I may give you my kik, email or skype info.
  • I may reach my limit every once and a while so please be patient, thank you.

Everyone needs love and compassion. I do not care where you have been in life, what you have done. You are worth respect. If anyone needs anything they can come to me, I am open minded and a good listener. If you want to talk about Magick or life in general I am here. Do not fear me :) talk to me about your beliefs and ask about mine.

With that being said, I will always respect you, so in return you must respect me back or you will find that I no longer are responding to your messages.

I am interested in/ have some knowlege of...

  • souls- communication/seeing .
  • astral projection.
  • enegry minipulation.
  • history of magick.
  • charkra work/cleansing.
  • meditation.

About me...

  • I love music and singing
  • I love the night time.
  • I enjoy doing volunteer work.
  • I am weird and crazy sometimes.
  • I am open minded and non judgemental.
  • I can either be shy or really outgoing.
  • Sometimes it is hard for me to trust because of my past.

favorite quote from one of my all time favorite songs:

Silverstien: "Forget Your Heart" -

Fight these eyes,They're drawing you, inside.Sign the name in marker,Watch the clouds as they got darker.Felt it start to slip away.All the schemes were made and plotted,All the rules have been forgotten now.I made it by the skin of my teeth again this time.I'm waiting,Still waiting,To get away and make a change,Seasons last forever in this phase


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