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Name: moonxwarrior
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 19 Jun 2012

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I am quite a young lady.I will not say my age until the time is right.First of all,I love the night,i feel free.I adore the moon,especially if it is full.Strangely,most of the time,I only sing when the moon is out.In addition,i feel slightly stronger when the moon is out.My eyes are a brown red or brown yellow,they change.But,they are brown red with a small tint of yellow,my pupils are big.The ring around my eye color is thick,and my eyes are shiny.For some reason,people think I have eye contacts and have compared my eyes with a cat's eyes.

My favorite animals are all the ones that are cat related and the wolf.The symbol that represents me is the full moon,beautifully mysterious and graceful.My favorite color is landvander and like roses.I like to hear most music,but classical brings me back at those days..I wish I can go back,but I can not.I strongingly feel I do not belong in this era.

Now abilites,my situation is quite complicated..I get trances,I hear words in a different language,but i do not understand what they mean.I can smell people's auras aswel.I can sense supernatural things and can tell things by how the sky is set,especially at night.I can feed of blood,lifesource(auras),and something else.I am here because I am intersited to do magick for the good for others.It brings me a smile when I help somebody that actually deserves it.I am proud to say I do not feel hate,but anger yes.I want to reach my full potential,I will not give up.And to conclude,I shall say this,I am not human.i shall not say what i am.I am so full of dreams and disappointments.

My personality is quite complex aswell as my thinkimg.I am a very compassionate person,kind,sweet,tender,determined,and open-minded.One of my gifts is to not feel hatred and I am glad i do not.I am a fair person,the light and the darkness of me are balanced,prefectly.This is what makes me unquie.I want to reach my full potential and help the ones in need.I wish I could take away the suffernet,pain,sorrow,and hatred from within a person,but I can not sadly

I am looking for a teacher,mentor to teach me cat magick,jewish magick,old magick,white magick,moon magick,elvin magick,and potion making.Some of these types many people might not heard of,but it is okay.I only want to learn these types of magick,I have my reasons.

If your intials are T.S,please contact me,I shall explain the whole situation.


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