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Name: H2OfanRikki
Birthday: Jul 1
Location: UK
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 22 Jun 2017


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Personal Bio

Hello there and welcome to my bio - Please Read Before you Send Mail

Alternate profile for HearthWitch.

My taken name is Arabella.
I have been studying for 12 years (see list of current topics below).

I am a Witchcraft business owner (see my site:, rune and tarot reader and avid witchcraft fanatic. I am a practitioner and researcher of the craft and have yet to find an aspect that does not interest me in some way, I am also a definite believer that you can always find new things to learn. During my time studying I have come to learn about a wide variety of topics and have access to books about others I have yet to study in depth, I am very willing to help others to gain knowledge from others who are willing to share it.

I will not do readings, and I will not cast spells for you so please don't message me regarding this, you won't be the exception.

I will not teach, only guide on specific questions.

I am only available to communicate on this website and this website alone, do not ask me for Kik, Facebook, Whatsapp or any other social media because I will not give these out.

I Currently Practice:

The Basics (always being recapped),
Crystal Magick,
Elemental Magick (not bending),
Spell bags,
Pendulum Divination,
Sigils and Symbols,
Kitchen Magick,
Everyday Magick (subtle, practical applications for magickal practices)
Colour Magick,
Sea Magick and
Candle Magick.

Currently Learning:

Tea reading,
Crystal Grids

These are only the topics that I currently practice on a regular basis, if you would like information on a topic not listed, I may still have information on it, I simply don't practice it regularly, or ever.

I am always learning new magickal practices to merge into my own style, it is impossible to finish learning, there is always a new technique to learn if you are willing to look for it.

I have a wide if somewhat limited knowledge of a lot of magickal practices, (highly in depth for some) so if you have any questions I am sure that I can point you in the right direction or do some digging in a few of my many books but I am always learning new practices and ideas to improve my knowledge and skill.

I am a huge fan of mythological creatures and cryptozoology, mainly from the biological standing than the magickal, I am by no means fluffy, you cannot turn yourself into any mythical creature but you can ask me questions about mythical creatures without being judged by your questions, and I will answer your questions from a myth and/or scientific point of view (interesting mythological aspects and/or the scientific explanations for "mythical" creatures).

I will say this now though, you cannot change your DNA to become a mythical creature , just like you cannot shift time, or bend elements, these are just physical impossibilities that I will not go into unless you give me good reason.

Please feel free to ask me questions on any topic you deem worth questioning , I love helping others along their path and will happily spend hours talking to people who are willing to listen, share knowledge, have in-depth conversation and not be close minded and rude.

That being said I refuse to accept flirting in any way, shape or form; this is not, nor will it ever be a dating site and I have no interest in engaging in any such activity. If I receive any messages along a flirtation line I will block you.

Good Books

- Scott Cunningham = Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

Amazing Forums for Beginners

I would always suggest a beginner to steer clear of spells till after they have a good foundation of knowledge, mainly because spells require more knowledge than simply reading some words.

There are many great forum posts for beginners such as:

  • Starting Out:
  • The Basics Expanded:
  • Visualization:
  • Centering + Grounding:
  • How to write a spell:
  • Troubleshooting Spells:

I occasionally but rarely post on my supernatural blog:


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