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Name: Aelwyn
Birthday: Dec 20 1979
Location: Ontario, Canada
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 28 Jan 2012


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Practicing the Craft for twenty years, and learning for twenty-four, I am a 32 year old co-founder of the real time coven "Order of the Crossroads". We practice Traditional Craft (ie. Robin Artisson, Andrew Chumbley, Daniel A. Schulke, Shani Oates, Michael Ford, etc.). Myself and the other co-founder, Lindorm, also practice Southern Hoodoo. I am learning from books and online, and he has a "Godfather" whom he is learning from and bought the recipes from.

My life in the Craft is varied. Starting at the age of eight, I became bored with having read through most of the public library. That was when the Occult section leaped out at me. That was the beginning of a life-long love of learning and practice.

Since the first books I learned from were Grimoire Magic, and I learned and practiced things I shouldn't have at the age of twelve (opening dimensional portals, anyone?), I reverted to a more "new age" way of practice.

I learned herbs and herbal folklore from my grandparents (Gods rest their souls), who learned it from Natives when they lived near a reserve (my grandmother is part Welsh, and has the dark skin and hair that makes her resemble a Native Canadian--which also made it impossible to mingle with white people when they lived there, so they mingled and learned from Natives).

I also learned some folk remedies and stories from Britain (where my grandfather was born), but I don't really remember them....just vague images of a child's imagination linger.

At the age of sixteen I became interested in Wicca, having come across several of Gardner's, Valiente's, and Vivianne Crowley's books. At the age of eighteen I became a dedicant to an Alexandrian Wicca coven. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go further than that in my training, simply due to distance.

As an adult, I have run various Moots, Meets and public ritual groups. I have founded a group before, which was unfortunately disbanded due to two members' drug habits (hard drugs + Craft = BAD).

After that experience, I joined an Algard coven. I learned quite a bit, though I never was initiated (I believe the HP was intimidated by how much I knew, and who I knew in the Trad Wicca community). It turned out the HP didn't truly have lineage in Trad Wicca.

So, there I was floating along for a while, learning about Trad Craft (which got my attention), and then Hoodoo. Then I met Lindorm, and here we are today.

Aside from Craft related things, I'm a makeup artist working freelance, currently a house wife, I run a store on Facebook that sells Pagan items as well as many other things, antiquing is a huge part of my life, and reading and writing as well.

I'm always happy to meet new people, so feel free to message me and say "hi"!


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