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Name: Noele_25
Location: Philippines
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 24 Jan 2013

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I live in Philippine I am also a Computer IT instructor on a small college school at PTMS

I've learn how to sing and dance, I also learn to Play Musical Instruments like guitar but only a bit. then In my childhood days my Mother told me about my birth that I was born solar eclipse at 10:45am when the sun and moon unites then I came out in my mom's womb according to them if my mom watched the eclipse I supposedly die but Luckily my mom never watched it and I thank God about it.

Me and my family receive Latin spells from a faith healer when I was 12 years old some of them are useful though when it came to sickness and decease I also tried to heal people but only minor decease I've cure like fever, headache and minor physical injuries in Philippines we call it (PI-ANG). through the latin spells from the faith healer.

and later I was curious about witchcraft and I tried to study and practice witchcraft when I was 16 years old inspired by the TV series charmed kinda funny though... as my age grows by I can see spirits or ghost and talked to me most of them are hiding in the woods we call it (Engcanto) some of them are very angry when I see them and most are not I tried to consult to the faith healer were I learned faith healing according to them I possess medium ability sometimes ghost came to me and whispering my ears to specific people I faced whether they were lying cheating nor stabbing my back... sometimes I'm afraid to enhance my gift because sometimes I'm afraid to become a freak To those who can read my personal bio please help me how to overcome my fear. Sometimes I used spells some of them harm people without noticing. even my intention is good, I also believe in God and a Devotee of the Blessed Virgin Mary my grams taught me to pray the rosary and wants me join her praying the blessed Virgin together with her when I was 7 until now I continue to pray and devout the blessed Virgin. even my grams passed in year 2005.

About my Profile Pic

it Represents that I do good spells sometimes my spell I've done some of them Harm people...


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