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Name: Rathon
Location: That one place.
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 03 Jun 2013

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Some people call me Ka, some Rath, and some White. All three have some kind of history with me so just pick one. I'm 17 years old and have no experience with magick at all. I only recently began researching the topic, a few months ago, when I stumbled upon this site. I have never preformed a spell, ritual, or anything of the like, and have very little knowledge on the subject....but I do want to learn. I'm interested in nearly all branches of magick (minus divination) and am a fairly quick learner....

On a slightly different note, I am currently a student in high school, set to graduate early in Janurary. After that I plan on joining the Navy as an AECF (advanced electronic computer field technician) even though I wanted something in the Intel field (that's going to be fixed soon...hehehe). I'm fairly easy to get along with and I try to keep an open mind about other people's belifes and pracities as long as they return the favor to me. I'm not a overly serious person, I tend to make a joke and try to laugh about just about everything. Though, if the time calls for it, I do know how to be serious, I simply choose not to be most of the time.

My musical preferences are easier said by what bands I listen to, rather than by a genre: Celldweller, Avenged Sevenfold, System of a Down, Blue Stahli, Pendulum, Trivium, Head Hunterz, Parkway Drive, ICP (rarely), Noize Controllers, and random other songs/bands that I find on youtube. I enjoy playing videogames sometimes, if I feel like killing something that isn't real. When I do play, I generally play either Call of Duty: Black Ops, or Assassins Creed, both on the Xbox360 (and my LIVE membership just expiered, woohoo -.-). When I'm not on the computer (ha...not on the computer, thats funny), playing videogames, or ploting world destruction I'm generally reading. My current favorite series are the Inheritance books, Dresden Files, and the Harry Potter series. I've read more than that, I just can't remember the names of the books right now. I also enjoy collecting sharp objects. Currently, I own 4 katanas, 10 shurikan, 3 large shurikan, a pair of sai, a box of knives, and a statue knife.

For the most part my friends don't seem to regret knowing me, at least....I don't think they do >.> (oh yea, and I love using emote things when I talk =w= deal with it). That's something you'd have to ask them, but as far as I know they don' maybe you won't either? =D or maybe you will...I DONT KNOW! D:< stop yelling at me...but yea. That's it... I can never figure out how to end these things so I'm just going to stop typing no-...


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