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Birthday: May 1 1995
Location: wish I knew
Gender: Male
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Im loyal but if you break my trust you wont get it back. im quiet, stay to my self to avoid drama. i see the good in people but dont take avantage of me. I care who you are or what you are, I don't judge nobody and I dont expect you to judge me. my nationatily is black and indian.

I know how to do psi chi ki or whatever you want to call it but I dont know to kep energy in my psi ball. Now im trying electrokinesis and results but i cant focus becuse it hard to get some quiet and peace. I can use a guide or teacher. when i was 4 or 5 or whatever i experience something i dont know what it was or was i just going crazy but one day i was standing at thee top of the stairs about 20 steps.i'll never foreget this or this feeling i dont know how to explain this all i can say is that i floated down the steps slowly as i was going down i had this amazing feeling and every day i went back up their to the same spot trying to experience the same thing it was like i dont know what it was like or what it was. Can someone help me with this problem i have.

likes: love nature, some quiet, looking at beautiful art, seeing my art come to life, helpin people, the dark but i like the light too, proving people wrong.

dislikes:when peopl wont shut up and when people rush me.

element: air and water is where i get my energy from im trying to use all the elements but right now i trying electricity

fear: wont tell you because you can use it against me.

interested in learning: healing, electrokinesis, electro ball, atmoskinesis, and maybe spells


I came up with this and i thought I'll share:

I hold my hands together but nothings coming from them

witnessing him and his army kill my people taking their souls

i will never become him

i held my hands together again holding them closer than before

still nothing

i ask the gods why are you letting this evil man kill my people

no answer

a voice inside me said "gather energy from around you"

i did

i held my hands together energy flow throgh them

then sparks

the power felt good

before i knew it his army was defeated

now i stood face to face with him

a smirk on his face

i ask myself why

i look around i see what i've done

because i became him


and my bio suck i know and if i have misspell words it because im in a rush


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