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Name: AdeptWiccan
Location: Searching on the Universe
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 18 Jan 2014

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Hello visitor on my profile. My studies are endless in the section of magic. I study all kinds of magic, for about 25 years, but I would like to say something more about myself:

  • I have wrote 3 books about the basics of magic, with 100 pages per book.
  • I have wrote 7 Books of Shadows or BoS as they are mentioned here, with 450 pages per book, full of spells, rituals and personal notes which I had full success with.
  • My recently studies are about the workings of elements and Universe.

I like to make new friends, and share my knowledge both me to them and them to me. I believe that knowledge is power while I have already proved that on myself. I used to speak sometimes with philosophical phrases or just riddles. ?I like philosophy more than anything. My favorite books are:

  • The Archeology of Knowledge.
  • Contribution of Philosophy, of the great philosopher Martin Heydegger.

About magic I know almost everything and I say almost, because knowledge will never end. I can suggest some useful books for the beginners:

  • Energy Work: The Secret of Healing and Spiritual Development.
  • Witchcraft: Theory and Practice.
  • Green Witchcraft.
  • Spirit Allies.

Well that's all about me. I can accept mails from everyone, I like every new idea, suggestion, advise. I can help on everything you like. Oh, and by the way, I'm not so sure if that's necessary but here's my chakras results:

Root: open (44%)

Sacral: open (50%)

Navel: open (44%)

Heart: over-active (75%)

Throat: open (56%)

Third Eye: open (50%)

Crown: open (56%)

I'm also an empath, and I'm practing this gift... or ability for about 20 years. My recent results on empathy are 92%.

Blessed be and have a light path!!!


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