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Name: awesome713
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Hey! Thanks for taking the time to read my bio. I'm Conner. I am very experienced in Magick. I am learning Latin to aid me in my spells. I am also a Trinitarian Wiccan (mix of Christianity, some Catholicism, and Wicca.) I am fairly proficient at most of the elements. I am a telepath and empath, and sharpening my astral projection. I am pretty good at telekinesis, and I enjoy all aspects of it (pyrokinesis, hydro-, etc.) I have dabbled around in VooDoo a bit, and I have made many poppets. I am a vegan, and a proud abolitionist of animal rights. I have a cat, two dogs, 3 horses, and I just lost my chameleon, Nemo. I also like to help out people who are in need. I'd really love it if you could mail me! I love meeting other people!

**Being a Christian Witch is no way wrong. Take this for example:

The ancient Hebrew and modern definitions of witch do not coincide

Some elements of modern Witchcraft, such as divination and meditation, are clearly endorsed by the Bible

The prohibitions in the Bible forbid particular practices of witchcraft, including:

necromancy, or raising and commanding ghosts and spirits (see Witch of Endor)


compulsion or deception through magical means

use of polytheistic rites to deny God

use of magic in rebellion against God, or for selfish purposes

More controversial arguments used against the anti-witch provisions include:

The prohibitions against witchcraft are part of the Jewish Law, and are inapplicable to Christians, who are freed from the Law (Romans)

The legislations against witchcraft were primarily intended to prevent conversion to foreign polytheisms, and are now obsolete

These portions of the Scriptures have only limited relevance

Many Christians believe that the Bible condemns Witchcraft. However, the practices that biblical passages -- in the original Hebrew and Greek -- condemn are really evil forms of sorcery and murdering people by poisoning. Both practices are forbidden to Wiccans.

Also, The bible has been edited many times throughout history.

For more info, *Please* inbox me! I love educating people about the joy of another branch of Christianity/Wicca.

Blessing to All!



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