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Name: angie0353
Birthday: Sep 4 1996
Location: Dayton, tn
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 16 Feb 2014

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I'm a very open minded person. I'll listen to your views, opinions and beliefs. That doesn't mean that I will always agree with you but I will do my best to understand your point of view. I don't believe in being judgmental of people. I also don't believe in "half living". your life is meant to be lived to the fullest not over protected. It should never be taken to serious because after all no one makes it out alive. But it also shouldn't be lived recklessly. I don't believe in doing anything to harm another being. I do not believe in revenge. people make mistakes and should be forgiven that doesn't mean forgotten though. People do deserve second chances and sometimes third. but after 3 they began to take advantage and stop trying. Not to sound cold hearted because I'm not but after 3 chances they've made there bed they can sleep in it.

To be a good person you learn from the things in your past. To be a great person you watch others and learn from their past as well as your own. Now some things may be good or bad habits but its all a part of that person and every person you encounter in life has something that you can learn from

Yes, it says I'm 17 but don't be to quick to judge. Assumptions don't normally turn out to well.

random bits of info about me:

My name: Angela

My favorite season: winter

My favorite time of day: night

My favorite color: purple

My favorite animal:horse : they are free spirited, intelligent, and loving

My favorite time to meditate: during a thunderstorm

My second favorite place to meditate: In water

My favorite type of music: country, alternative, classical.

My favorite scent: Deep amber vanilla and berry scents :)

My favorite Month: my birth month September of course.

My favorite things to do: anything to do with water

My hair color: it is now a deep red :)

I am in college for Elementary Education :)


designing floor plans, making floral arrangements, making jewelry

If you didn't find out enough info about me sorry I guess you'll have to get busy typing and send me some mail. lol.


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