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Name: Orogee
Birthday: Apr 22 1957
Location: Korea
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 28 Nov 2011

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I have three main areas of interest:

First is the structure of consciousness by a unification of psychology, physics, and biology. The main theme embraces the declaration of Sir James Jean: ?The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine.? I published two books on the subject: ?A Genuine Theory of Everything: Explaining Consciousness through a Unification of Psychology, Physics, and Biology? and ?Coherent Nature: The Structure and Process of Consciousness.?

Second is a critique of science. Science has been without any critique seen in other domains like movie or music. An inevitable consequence of the absence of intellectual watchdog may be that flaws, errors, and blind spots are neither corrected nor even recognized. The problem is that people in general are intimidated by the mystique of science. Removing the aura will allow us to see a sophisticated system of intolerance and discrimination against those who do not conform to the dominant viewpoints. One of the recurring themes of this essay is the human propensity to follow dysfunctional leaders like Skinner and Huxley. Historical and sociological, and psychological analyses are provided to explain how science developed a maladaptive culture. The very source of collective failure of scientists is the fundamental nature of human?s decision-making process that is highly fragile and can crack under even a slight degree of pressure. The crux of my argument is that human impulses play a powerful role in hijacking minds so that we can be led to embrace viewpoints that are maladaptive, extremist, and fundamentalist. The way science attained and maintained its anti-metaphysical stance is unfair and untrustworthy to say the least. My book ?A Critique of Science: How Incoherent Leaders Purged Metaphysics of Mind and God? examines the self-exempted examiner without any reservation or restraint.

Third is the divulging of the abuse of power by the Jacksonville Sheriff?s Office. The threat of black magic (also known as ?psychic attack? and ?voodoo?) is quite evident and it is a genuine concern for politicians and journalists in countries like India, Nigeria, Malaysia, and Indonesia whereas most Americans are not aware of the danger. However, as a victim of psychic attack for the last two years, I came to realize that black magic in the United States is in a highly organized form and the potential threat may be greater than other nations. The most shocking part of the organization is that it consists of (or is led by) a high ranking person in the Jacksonville Sheriff?s Office. Just imagine: the criminal organization with the cloak of the law enforcement coupled by the power of black magic. I expose the extent of the organization in my book. I also present some theoretical and empirical bases of black magic and offer some methods to defend against psychic attack in ?What Everyone Should Know about Black Magic: Exposing the Abuse of Power by the Jacksonville Sheriff?s Office.?


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