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Name: JohnCreed001
Birthday: Jul 12 1994
Location: Danu Talis
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 08 Aug 2012

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My name is something that you need to earn to know. i am a spell maker and i believe in the book of abramelin the mage. i am a powerful person with a quick grasp on any spells. i can interpret dreams and i write poems i also help in any way for those that seek it. if you wish to know more simply send a message

below are my poems.

~Ravens Dove~

The raven

Full of sorrow and loneliness

Black heart awaiting the light

Spreading his wings

Searching for his light

He dreams of her

His snow white dove

In her perfection

Searching for her raven

To dream

To search

To die

Never know they lived

And meet again hereafter...


~Sight Through Dreams~

The world

A dream or something more

Sleep by night

Awaken by day

Wonder where life brings you

Awaken, for the world is a dream

Death is its illusion

To dream is to live

To live and die

Nothing more than a story

Awake and see the universe

Eternal and beautiful

To see the stars shine bright

And wait to dream once more



Frozen is this day

Cold is the suns light

Never know warmth from a lost love

Break free from this frozen tomb

Escaping my icy doom

And walk away from pain and sorrow

The snow will fall

Gleam and shine

And melt away the pain inside

For the suns light blooms so bright and warm

Saves you from a frozen doom

And walk away and live once more

To be with all who lift your soul


this poem has a different representation to every person who reads it.

~Mirror Mirror~

Gaze into the mirror

Seeing all but yourself

Gaze into the mirror

see the you who does not exist

Break the mirror down

Shards and tears fall

See who you once were

seeing who you are

Stare at broken shards

And see who you want to be

Become that person once again

Mirror broken shows no end


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