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Name: SpiritGuide
Birthday: Aug 14 1995
Location: Philippines
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 25 Feb 2017

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Hi, everyone, my name is SpiritGuide. My real name is Reniel. I'm 18-years-old. I'm currently in 6th grade. My section's name is Topaz.

I'm physically disabled. It's because when I was 9 years old, I have sick called "meningitis." I can hardly speak because I have lockjaw and I can't do things with my hand. When I'm still in the Hospital, I have this tube like-small hose in my nose to my esophagus. The doctor said that I can't eat so they put that tube, it was called, "NGT," it's the way for me to eat. But they take it off. Since then, I can't speak and I have this lockjaw. And as for my hands, my hands are had been uncontrollable, because my hands had been over-dose to medicine. I can barely touch things sometimes they fall off. But I can type to computer and I can write, but not for long. I can't eat on my own.

The reason that I joined this website is that I want to have friends and to find the spell that could heal me. So, if you know a healing spell please send me a message. And I also join to learn more about magic. I'm speechless. All that I do is I smile at people that surrounds me. I'm low of energy. People would see me, just lying on a bed or sitting on a chair. I don't do things much. But I go to school. The case is I always get tired. I'm so shy to people that don't know me. I sweat so hard. When a person just recently met me or don't know me at all and he/she sit next to me, or he/she is near or far from me, I sweat. I just stay in my position when someone that I don't know is near me. But if I get used to a person, I don't sweat much. I'm pretty confident to a person that I'm used to. And when I'm outside or walking on the street, I sweat. I'm usually just inside of a room upstairs in my house because I'm so shy to people. When there's someone on the door, I hide, or run upstairs. I'm so nervous when every-time that happens to me. I mean, how am I suppose to get the door? I'm so, so sweaty type of a disabled person, even though I'm in an air-conditioned place. I'm just not that confident with myself.

My former ability is reincarnation, so if I die I will just be born again. I live a thousand lives. I'm a psychic, but my ability as a psychic has not yet totally open up. I know a couple of Latin words. I have Latins blood. My zodiac sign is Leo. My Chinese zodiac is Wood Pig. My element is fire. I also want to learn and cast magic through the power of the mind. The magic that I want to cast through mentally are: Controlling vines, tree and plants, I also want to learn how to cast invisibility, levitation, shape-shifting, mana/energy manipulation and time manipulation. I'm friendly, lovable, kind, wise, fair, forgiving, thoughtful, over protective, highly understandable, and intelligent. I'm also can be thankful. I show my "thank you" through smiling. I have a beautiful smile, it takes peoples problem away. My smile is my great asset. "Kindness is an inner desire that makes us do good things to others, even if we don't get anything in return. It's done with sincerity and done from the heart. You become worthy not for who you are, not even for what you have, but of what others have become because of you."

Even though I'm like this, that's still alright, because everybody loves me. Everybody's kind, caring, hospitable and they're just so good hearted, when they meet someone like me. I'm just so glad 'cause, everybody's just so good to me. I always get-up, when I'm down, because of them. They never stop believing in me, they have faith in me.

There are tales and legends that are sometimes hard to believe, but are real. My tale about why I'm like this is because of a curse of what we Filipino called "dewende." Dewendes are the little people like-humans that have magic, and they can put a curse on whoever threatens their home. They're so small and they're invisible so I stepped on a foot of a red dewende without noticing. His father who is a black dewende, cursed me. And now, because of that curse I am physically disabled. But, I have a white dewende friend, but it's now gone. White dewendes are the good ones. The red and black are the bad ones. The white dewende's name is Cavah. I named the black and red dewewnde: Mark Evil and Evil boy. I'm not sure if that is real.


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