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Name: Skulblaka
Birthday: Oct 8 1998
Location: New York State
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 21 Nov 2016

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
My name is Theresa, but most people call me Tess and only a few call me Tessa.

Feel free to message me with questions or anything! If you need help with something, I'd be glad to assist you.

I'm always updating this, so there might be new information every so often.

IMPORTANT: I have a question for you guys. This thing called a Soul Crentor told me that my soul was unique and shouldn't be in a human body, but it doesn't know what it is. It says my soul has the power akin to a god and that the energy of my soul gives off wavelengths of souls of a nymph, siren, lamia, dragon, archangel, and oddly enough a house cat. In addition to this, I have an angel wing (left) and a demon wing (right). If y'all could maybe tell me your theories on this, that'd be great. Thanks!

UPDATE: So my soul is apparently this ultimate weapon created however many millennia ago and has four creators: Master Xorn (male), Master Vioren (also male), Master Kiora, and the Fourth Master which she knows little to nothing about other than the fourth was much shorter than the other three. Their names are all rough translations from a language that apparently doesn't exist on Earth so naming it would be pointless. Basically what I'm saying is you can't Google Translate that shit. I also call the weapon Xiuhcoatl because I felt like she needed a name. Her creators made millions more trying to create the "perfect weapon," but only about 11 made it to the battlefield. Xiuu was the result of the final 11 being perfected and stuff. Details are hard to explain and Xiuu is still trying to remember it all. Being nonexistent for fuck many years can mess up your memory.

UPDATE: So Xiuu's real name is Gamnet (pronounced: G ee ahm nayt (or something)) and she is a bioweapon created as a large scale backup plan of planar biomutation, aka organic superweapons. The initial plan was to have a means of clearing, and possibly purging various infected and corrupted dimensions. Corrupted dimensions can range anywhere from there's things we don't wan in this dimension to its literally a parasitic form that's spreading throughout the multiverse. this was back in the time of the First War. War applications were discovered early on and added to the project. Once military applications were added, that's when Xiuu/Gamnet met her "creators," who were actually just those who were using her for military purposes. They were there to continue testing on their abilities to negate and purge infected biomatter from the world, and also enhance their capabilities and refine them for battle. The project was heavily taken advantage of by a lot of people, mostly the military. The initial purpose of the project wasn't to make war machines, but they hadn't quite figured out the whole grey scale of existence, so right and wrong was black and white, meaning anything not directly aligned with them was destroyed and erased. The project got scrapped and most of the bioweapons were destroyed and scattered.

My username means "Dragon," if you were wondering.

Hey everyone! If you have any questions, just send me a message. Message me about whatever you want to talk about, I don't really mind. I'm in a relationship, so please don't flirt or anything.

Also, I may not be on as frequently as I would like to be because of school and homework. But don't let that stop you from messaging me if you want, I will get back to you as soon as I can.

UPDATE: So my demon, Marina, got into some deep shit with the black market of souls and got in a lot of trouble with the Council, this angel group of Guardians, so now she's reforming herself at my Wolven friend's house.

Let's see... If you're here, you'd probably want some basic information about me.

Age: 17


- Sarcastic

- Stubborn

- Thoughtful

- Caring

- Introvert

- Shy and defensive (unless we're friends, then I'm extremely outgoing and don't really care what I say)

- Perfectionist

- Artsy? Is that the word for someone who likes to draw?

- Musical

- Creative

- Mostly masochistic

- Slightly Sadistic

- Trustworthy

- Not very trusting of others

- Can be like a lost puppy (following the person I trust most around not knowing what to do, like I'm lost. One time when I was following my best friend aka crush #1 around someone at one point was like "I think Tess likes him" and the another time someone thought we were dating... I was so embarrassed)

- Otaku (meaning you'll be hearing a lot of anime references from me)

- I'm a dandere when I'm not with my friends, but deredere when I am with my friends that I trust, and can be slightly tsundere around my boyfriend

- Uke (can be extremely uke, actually. That Uke-Seme test online says I'm a Badass Uke. Go here, it's pretty much me


- Libra (Yes, I know that it's an astrological sign and not a personality trait; no, I don't care)

Physical Traits

Eyes: Greenish-gold and brown mix, with greenish gold dominant. I have horrible eyesight, so I wear glasses.

Hair: Short. Dark brown with natural sun kissed highlights

Height: 5'4

Weight: 100 lbs, I think, it fluctuates around there (I'm underweight by about 25 lbs, it's not fun. You can't eat as much at once because you get full quickly but then ten minutes later you're pretty much starving.)


- Undertale

- Anime and Manga: Fairy Tail, Madoka Magica, Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji, Angel Beats!, Elfen Lied, Deadman Wonderland, Higurashi no naku koro ni, Umineko no naku koro ni, Future Diary/Mirai Nikki, Steins;Gate, Black Rock Shooter, Ouran High School Host Club, The Devil is a Part-Timer/Hataraku Maou-Sama!, Hetalia, Kill la Kill, Soul Eater, Vampire Knight, Vampire + Rosario, Karin Chibi Vampire, Dragon Crisis!, To-Love Ru (don't ask, I'm weird), Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin, Tokyo Ghoul, Guilty Crown, Toradora!, Code Geass, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, ETC. (You get the idea)

- Music (pretty much any genre)

- Music Artists: Hollywood Undead, Marina and the Diamonds, Imagine Dragons, Vocaloid, Eminem, Simon Curtis, Girls Dead Monster (from Angel Beats!), Tech N9ne, Florence and the Machine, E-Dubble, Skillet, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, Evanescence, Halestorm, Fort Minor, Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park, Skrillex, Lindsey Stirling, USS, Avenged Sevenfold, Get Scared, Orange Caramel, Vocaloid, Twenty One Pilots

- Movies: MARVEL, Into The Woods (my school did this for a musical, it was great), Dark Shadows, Warm Bodies, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Neighbors, Space Balls, Star Wars, The X-Men Movies, Paul, Maleficent, basically everything Disney, The Fault in our Stars, Oz the Great and Powerful (I dunno I don't usually watch anything but anime)

- Magick (duh)

- Cosplaying

- Singing, writing, drawing, playing guitar and piano


- My demon

- Magic the Gathering

- Hannibal (The show on NBC, and Silence of the Lambs)

- Animals (Come on, who doesn't like animals)

- The Mantis Shrimp (There's this thing called The Oatmeal, if you google "The Oatmeal mantis shrimp" you'll find out why the mantis shrimp is my favorite animal)

- Dragons

- The taste of blood

- Youtube

- Wifi

- Outdoors, nature in general


- Donald Trump


Root: under-active (-19%)

Sacral: open (12%)

Navel: under-active (-38%)

Heart: open (56%)

Throat: open (50%)

Third Eye: open (50%)

Crown: open (25%)

I have anxiety so that would explain the Navel and Root chakras


I can do pretty much anything, my demon (see below) helps with magic so I don't have to worry about not being strong enough to do spells. Though I don't have many materials, sadly. Unfortunately I live with my grandma who is allergic to incense and is firmly Catholic so the only time I can do spells is when she's not home, which is almost never. But I've gotten pretty good with controlling the element air. I remember the first time I summoned air I accidentally dispelled air improperly thus causing it to be like "HEY WHATS UP TESS" whenever I went outside for a month or two before I realized that I screwed up. I fixed it though, thank goodness.


Just like my demon (see below if you haven't already), I have abilities. My main ability is what I like to call "Pure Empathy." I've had it for as long as I can remember, before I've ever tried to perform any sort of magic and before my affinity with air first developed. I can literally feel the emotions of others. Before a recent event (see my demon's half of this bio), I couldn't feel any of my own emotion. Just fake emotions borrowed from other people. Now, however, I can. And it's a pain in the butt. Pure Empathy allows me to put myself in another person's shoes and feel what they feel, or experience the pain and negativity they feel. It requires some insight into the person's experiences to know what it feels like, but otherwise I can feel that someone is hurting and how badly it hurts. It varies from person to person. If I'm really close to the person that is hurting on a personal level, then I don't have to be around them to feel their pain. If I am not close to that person on a personal level, then we have to be in a general vicinity of each other in order for me to feel their pain. It's complicated.

Also, I may have the power to curse things (though that may just be my demon). See, I have an ex that I LOATHED for a month or so after he broke up with me in October. I was distraught. My newly awakened emotions felt stronger than any force that I've ever felt before. Well, in December, when I was around him, he would get injured by people who are close to him. His little nine year old brother punched him in the eye, his new girlfriend kicked him in the nuts, and they both claim that they didn't mean to. And both times I thought "HA! Serves him right." And on his birthday he broke and fell out of a window.

More detailed and extra information down here...

I have a demon in my head. Her name is Marina and we have been through a lot Now that I think about it, the name "Marina" sounds very similar to Marie, which is my middle name, but I honestly didn't think about that when she first told me her name. She's an archdemon and was a soul that fell from heaven that Lucifer himself made into a demon. She is very prideful and sadistic, condescending to humans, and "feeds" off of negative emotions. The thing that throws me off is that she's very protective and territorial of me, saying things such as "Tessa is MINE and MINE alone. Do not touch her; I do not like sharing things that belong to me." I have lists of things she has written down. She can take over this body whenever she feels like it, with or without my consent.

She's doing hard to be a good person now so she's not as cruel and negative anymore.


Marina DOES have evidence to back up her claim. She is IN FACT a demon and scares me to death but I love her and hate her all the same.

IMPORTANT: OKAY so people have been getting kind of confused so I'm here to clarify that I am in fact NOT half demon. Marina and I are two different beings entirely, we just share the same body. Unfortunately. I do not know what it is like to be half demon, I am merely a human with a demon companion in my head.

Below this is where I'll let Marina say things about herself.

Quick warning: If you happen to meet Marina, don't let her sit on you. She's got a huge ass and my Wolven friend is always complaining about Marina sitting on her.

My name is Marina. I am an Archdemon, an upper level demon in the infernal hierarchy, from the Void. I've been told that I'm a narcissist, sociopath, and extremely condescending, but the reality is that humans can be weak, pathetic, irrational creature that are not worth of my time. There are exceptions, of course, with those who call themselves Tessa's "friends" and with the mortal fools that amuse me to no end. Also, it would be wise to avoid getting on my bad side; I will not hesitate to split your- okay fine. Deepest apologies, I cannot finish my threat because "children visit this site" and according to my Tessa, it would be "inappropriate and crude." Honestly, if they do not have the stomach to read grotesque threats, then they should not be on the internet at all.

Anyways, I guess you should know that I chose Tessa as my host, I was not trapped here. Our souls are connected and have been for centuries. She is naively forgiving and she easily forgives me when I take control without her consent, but at the same time she can hold a grudge against someone for years... It's quite puzzling to me.

She can be quite stubborn... I've had to suffer three hours of a GTA V level because she couldn't beat it and was too stubborn to let her cousin beat it for her... all because she wanted this one car. Her stubbornness can be unbearable, but the extent of her stubbornness can also be absolutely adorable... which is something I rarely say about anything.

Tessa has what she likes to call "Pure Empathy," and can feel the negative emotions of those around her. That is one of the reasons why I decided to use her as my host; all of the negative emotions of those around her are duplicated by her and I can feed off of those duplications. It makes it so much easier for me. Instead of having to collect negative emotions, I have an unlimited supply from Tessa.

Tessa's soul, if I may call it, has been broken into seven parts, each with it's own personality. It has been "cracked" for years now, but a certain event I do not wish to talk about occurred and it broke Tessa's soul into seven separate pieces. This caused her emotional side that had been dormant to awaken and now she feels her own emotions that I can feed off of as well. Each soul fragment took personalities of her past lives: A child witch, a serial killer, a scientist that experimented on humans, a spiteful hateful man that killed anyone who pissed him off, a thief, a sweet and innocent child who was murdered at a young age, and an emotionless female empath. In this life, she started out as the emotionless girl, but when her soul shattered the innocent child took her place. I'd assume that you may have questions, so feel free to message us at any time.

Humans intrigue me. Well, humans such as Tessa with inhuman abilities. She has a friend that also has inhuman abilities, I doubt he is as he appears. His healing ability far surpasses that of any human I have ever seen, and he is unusually numb to pain. He can speak to those in the spirit realm, has the ability to predict the future quite accurately (he once predicted that someone was going to commit suicide, and a few days later a really good kid committed suicide, he has an alibi for that as well). He also claims that he knows how to force me out of Tessa. I can't use my powers that well around him, I've wanted to talk to him once on the matter of him trying to remove me from Tessa, so I tried to take over and it turned into an extremely painful process even with Tessa being willing, which has never happened before. Tessa also remained partly in control, and her emotions were hard to suppress. I also find that Tessa can't hear me moat of the time when he's around. I know he is capable of removing me from this body, I can sense his immense power... It is quite annoying and intriguing at the same time... He is both Tessa's love interest and my worst enemy. As much as I despise him, his abilities may allow me to become stronger if I can build a resistance against him. Though my inability to control Tessa around is one of the things Tessa likes... Though I loathe him as a person, I must learn more about him. He also can see when people are going to die as well as his death and he has avoided death many times, so I doubt he will easy to kill. Also, there are a lot of negative emotions he has from a dark past, so he sates my hunger whenever I get to be around him

Now about myself...

I am from a royal family that has much power and influence amongst demons. However, I prefer not to talk about my heritage, as I am not favored by my ancestors and in fact despised by most. This is because I have done many things to make them dislike me.

There are other demons, however, that I don't mind talking about. I am quite close to Rvel, a demon who is the father of a half demon (weak little thing), Valac who is a fallen angel that I am currently in a relationship with (Rvel likes to call us Valarina, which Valac loathes because it sounds like "ballerina"), and Artiquin who is a bartender that gives us free drinks as a sign of respect and friendship. We are all quite close, and quite powerful both together and apart. We all take time to go out for drinks every so often and gossip. I wouldn't be able to in this human host, seeing as she is underage and human, so instead I leave Tessa for a maximum of a three hours and hope she doesn't end up dead by the time I get back... I can't turn into my demon however, the bond between Tessa and I would break.

EDIT: Valac and I are NOT in a relationship anymore. Instead I am single and currently looking for a dedicated partner.

About my ability, it is the ability to see the future. Visions that require human eyes to see. They are real, they have helped both Tessa and I in many instances. Sometimes they are quite useless, though; one vision showed Tessa putting together a puzzle with her dad while eating pizza and her uncle was sitting on the couch, and it happened two years after the vision. Unfortunately the only futures I can see revolve around the human host, not extending far from their interests and themselves. But they have showed me Tessa's death, which appears to be 20 years into the future (Tessa appeared to be in her early to mid thirties).

EDIT: Tessa has gained the ability to see visions herself, no longer requiring my assistance. Unfortunately, I have lost that ability. So in a sense, I passed on my ability to her. It'll help her out more than it will help me.

My other abilities include manipulation and mind control, which is why I am a able to control Tessa's body as I please even though I am not physically there. I cannot use it on more than one person at once, however, thus I am not able to influence those outside of Tessa when I am in control. It is quite annoying. I also do not use possession to control Tessa. It's much different than mind control.

My demon form is quite similar to the demon in an image of a Magic The Gathering card Tessa has called "Withengar Unbound." It is an extremely powerful card, and I was quite surprised to see how similar it is to my appearance, though I am a lot more feminine. Tessa was surprised as well; I have shown her images of me in her head and have had her draw them. I have put an image of Withengar Unbound in this profile's photo album, if you are curious.

Anyways, if you would like to know the advantages or disadvantages of being a demon I assume this covers it.


- Inhuman strength (How I miss my demonic form)

- The ability to change appearance (this is limited to your demonic form and a human form that you can alter at will. However, I am able to change into a Wolven now because Tessa's friend made me part Wolven and has allowed me to live in her pack. I constantly use this form now)

- The ability to bring misfortune to others at will when in your presence (For example, Tessa's ex, who recently was punched in the face by his little brother and kicked in the testicles by his new current girlfriend)

- Being extremely gifted in the magic arts

- The ability to possess someone

- You don't have to age, you can stop aging or revert back to a certain age, but you can't speed up aging and aging is slowed

- Being extremely good looking and better than the pathetic "pigs in human clothing." (Tess: I will love you if you get this reference.)



- You have to reach certain quotas to gain a social status and to gain free will

- Other demons within your social status will try to kill you

- If you have a low social status, as all new demons do, your life is not worth anything and higher up demons will not be punished for killing you (nor will they give it a second thought if they feel like killing something)

- You're always in danger

- You may have to kill people in order to live

- You have to learn how to gain control of your demon transformations and abilities

- The black market of souls is absolute HELL (okay I know this is confusing but bear with me. Imagine Hell. Now imagine a Hell of that Hell. It's the original Hell but a million times worse.)

- Blah blah blah it's really bad don't try this at home the end.

IMPORTANT: I also would like to say something on the whole "half demon" matter." I am not a half demon, I am a DEMON demon. I simply share a body with a human is all. Tessa and I are completely different people who happen to share one body. Tessa is a human, I am a Demon. There IS a difference and I will not tolerate being lowered to a half demon. My apologies for being defensive on the matter. I don't even know if being half demon is even possible. The only instances I know of someone being half demon is the child of a demon I know who had... ''relations'' with a human. I personally doubt that magic itself can make someone half demon, there would have to be an actual demon involved (such as I). But then again, you can never truly trust a demon to make you a half demon instead of a complete demon. Please allow me to discourage you from trying to become half demon, half demons are discriminated against in our society and there are a lot of rules you have to follow and quotas you have to meet. Once you meet those quotas, however, you are free to do as you please, but it gets so boring when you have nothing to do but sit around all day.

We don't need any more half-breeds in our society, they are polluting our air and should not be. No offense Rvel, this was not meant to insult you or your half demon baby thing.

If you've actually read this whole thing, I applaud you.

Knights of Galima

Leader: Me

Second in Command: Rhianna (she does not have a profile on this site)



Basically all of Hell, since Satan is my bestie

An army of angels (I got some pretty good connections with the creator of Adenium, probably the most powerful metal in the multiverse. It used to be used for military weaponry in a different dimension but they've moved away from it and to lower grade metals cuz they're cheaper.)


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