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Name: brandenrox4u
Birthday: Jul 10 1998
Location: blacktown nsw australia
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 28 May 2012

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hey peoplez, i need u to inbox me coz i need people to talk to, um im friendly,

Spiritual animal: golden lion

Spiritual belief: santanist

Study: witchcraft, dark magics, etc.

height: 6'5

age: 16

weight: 89kgs

eye coulor: blue

personallity: smartass sweetie

and if theres anything you can do for mee, its send me a huggie!

And im taken and im not willing to let go too soon. :D

Deppresion is something i am quite familiar with,

Here's a poem i wrote.

Eyes red as stressful blood,

Soul black as the life in a flood,

Demons in flight,

Through out the night,

No use trying to fight,

Just give in,

And let them win,

Pure innocent soul,

Fresh from a mother,

Screaming in pain and love,

This is a perfect feeding place,

For these demons.

The mist is steaming,

Making my path lost,

But i know,

I cant turn back at any cost.

Feeding on our fear,

And taking your every tear,

Taking your loved ones,

This is their fun.

Death for the innocent,

Life for the evil,

But their missin' it,

Their not levil ( level ),

With a nice little twist,

I can slit my wrist,

Give me a sec,

I can snap my neck,

All life can hold,

Is values that can be sold,

Eyes full of tears,

Looking down from a rooftop,

Thinking about life's fate,

And whether this is it,

I turn around,

And fall towards the ground,

Swirling through the air,

With a mind filled with dispair,

A hate for life,

As the tears roll down my face,

The wind blowing them away,

Im almost at the ground,

Just before i hit the ground,

I hear a sound,

I wake up,

Im asleep,

A bad dream,

I see my knive on my desk,

I put it to my throat,

Then my girlfriend flashes through my mind,

Then i thought i should resign,

I cannot put her though this,

Screw this shit,

I throw the knife away,

To live another day.

If you have been through this, asleep or awake, we will get along fine, because i understand. :)


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