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Name: RequemsMyth
Birthday: Jan 14 1992
Location: well looks like ive been unofficially gagged. people are pretty fucking stupid when it comes to online politics.
Gender: Male
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The songs if paradise, a soft sweet ringing in my ear. The melody of a young gental voice resenting with the electric and timely wisps of insects and birds. Its pulsating humming pure and vigilant . An occasional patter of rain or drum of frost. The Chiming of the north and south winds , and the steady hungry growls of something soon to pass. And the beating war drums of something that has yet to even reach the mountainside.

No one with power chooses to show their strength any more then a tactician reveils their strategys.It is a hand that must be forced, never freely demonstrated.

These are my swim trunks, because I need to go swimming.

So we have the left,right,and middle path. I prefer the higher one.

Oh how the mighty like to shoot their mouth off.

Facts of life

Guns-will always shoot water,potatoes,or bullets.

Honey mustard sardines-will always be delectable (with crackers)

Movies-will never stop getting crappier

Tv-will always suck

I-will never stop teaching, you only need to ask (and for me to like you)

To thoughts who enjoy my poetry I dedicated this to you .

On the rising face of the aura I beheld the truest vision of beauty. Holding my head high, higher then anyone on earth. And ran my finger along the skyline, stunned and speechless. At the vastness and clearness of all the world. And as I stood at the mountains summit I beheld the ocean,the valleys,its people. And the humility of humanity set in, and my cold grey heart began to beat and breath once more.

I am 22 and I do rub people the wrong way at times from my refusal to sensor my self.

I figgure if I am not totally honest whats the point? With that said in my short life time I have done everything from eatting wild lotis to living in a condemned shed out in the woods.

I am experienced in magic and have a great deal of philosophy to share,

I also strive for an artistic and somewhat romantic approach to any and every situation.

In less frustrated, then my head becomes hard as stone.

I don't really want to give my name out on this site but some people call me Anthony, if you dont like requim please feel free to use this name.If there's anything I can help you with please dont hesitate to ask.

And for the love of god, if your given a position of authority please make sure you are not easily threatened and dont let the position go to your head. To be a leader means much more then being feared. Or to intimidate, not everyone will respond positively to being demanded or threatened. Its better to take an intelligent and empathetic approach to any situation. Far better then trying to bend it to your will. Will that said my former comrades I salute you and wish you well. It appears ill have to wait for you to find me as a few years is a long time as it turns out.


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