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Name: WiccaPedia
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Yeah, I'm gay. I love starting out my bio like that, but after enough time, I've found it to be necessary. Secondly, I am more than happy to help with questions, etc, but despite my name, I'm not actually a depository for magickal information. It's just a name, and a semi-clever one at that. Google will tell you way more than I can.

I've been practicing magic for a few months now, I guess, but always had an interest. I'm terrible at writing about myself in these things, but that never stopped me before.

1.) I'm a full-time student studying psychology. I'm changing my major to sociology because it's easier to get a job with a sociology degree, even one that deals in psychology. Go figure.

2.) I'm a musician. Singing is my passion. I can play instruments a little, but my skill as a musician rests almost entirely in my vocals. I have a powerful voice with a wide range going all the way from bass to counter-tenor. Some have suggested that vocalists are not musicians because they don't play an instrument. For those people: "...I do not think [that word] means what you think it means. You're thinking of instrumentalists. Vocal skills are musical and therefore I am a musician. Here's a url to me basically dubbing my voice onto a karaoke track. Enjoy.

3.) I consider myself druid, but I practice heavily in wicca as well. My other skills and fields of interest are native-american/shamanic traditions. I believe it to be highly possible that my lineage (going back to chiricahua apache among others) contained powerful two-spirits.

4.) Some have asked me about being gay, and I'll just come out (ha!) and say it: yes, I have a boyfriend. I appreciate that I'm moderately attractive, and thank you for saying so, but I don't let myself get by on my aesthetic merits alone. I make myself work just as hard as everyone else has to. Why? Because it's right. Anyway, I've been out to myself for a little over a year and a half, and it was not easy coming to terms that I was not who I was "supposed" to be. I was supposed to be straight, married (to a girl), have kids, a job, and all that. Now I finally am forced to admit to myself that I like guys. Since then, it's become a lot easier to deal with.

5.) I'm not fond of horoscopes. Because I'm a total nerd, I am in LOVE with astronomy. I know that over a couple thousand years, the stars' position in the sky changes, setting astrological zodiac/horoscope signs off by about 1wk per 1,000 years. Though born under the sign of Cancer, the sun was technically about halfway through Gemini at the time I was born.


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