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Name: Elishiva
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Bright Blessings! Where do I begin... oh ya, call me Eli (Ellie)... I'm 46, live in Louisville, KY and I am a witch. I am currently studying Wicca with Lady G here in Louisville. I feel I am well on my way to learning the knowledge that will take me further in the Craft.

My journey has been self taught thus far. My grandmother was a witch and my mother a fortune teller. I am by no means *that* knowledgeable but I know what I know and it has worked well for me. This is an attempt to possibly meet others online with like ideals. I would one day like to be part of an in person coven local to me that I can physically be with but the ones I find around here are not of my beliefs so I continue to search. Till then, I am home here.

I feel that nothing is more valuable than the wisdom that can be passed down to you by people experienced in the Craft.

I hope to learn so much that I have not been able to on my own. Things like astral projection, meditation, contacting my spirit guide and much more.

As a somewhat seasoned witch, my first word of advice to initiates is, go for the more mundane before resorting to the Craft.

Instead of trying to telepathically reach someone to know how they are doing, pick up the phone, send an email or use Tarot cards.

Learn your herbs, oils, about Nature and her gifts (I know this sounds corny but DO become ONE with Nature). Learn of your elementals, candle magic, colors, aromas/essences (essence of a thunderstorm is WOW powerful stuff). Oh and work on your poetry and the way words rhyme. When a spell rhymes and is short it causes you to remember it in your mind. You think and speak it easily without error and can focus better on the task. After I am done casting, I continue saying the spell in my mind, while driving my car or wherever I am. I find to speak the chant for the spell over and over will enforce strengthens it and almost becomes a temporary mantra that you speak until it manifests.

Music is another thing that I find helps with my crafting. I will play a song that will trigger an emotion necessary for the success of the spell. Like I said, I know what works for me.

Skilled in reading of the Tarot and currently teaching classes.

However I am not doing online readings at this time. I just don't have the energy to share.

Be well and let me know if you have any questions. :o)

New on facebook so make sure to add me!

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Hail Brigid

Bright Arrow

My heart is with thee.

Blessed is thy flame of Divine inspiration

and blessed are thy sacred wells of healing.

Holy Bride, shield of my protection.

My strength and courage everlasting.

Be with me now and always.

Blessed Be.


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