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Name: Azriel777
Birthday: Jun 7 1992
Location: 36322
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 06 Jul 2012

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Hi my name is Azriel I am a wiccan but still have a lot to learn. I love to read, wright, draw, and be with my wife and family. Any more questions ask me by mail.


Mother moon you are my guide

With father night by my side;

The rain and thunder, are my brother born

Winds and lightning, my sister storm...

My family close I hold them dear,

And with that strength I have no fear..

But my immortal enemy is Sun the King,

for my death, will one touch bring..

So I wrap my soul in family mine

and never for my foe to find..

shrouded in darkness pleases me

I wing my way so fast so free

Whispers softly of shadows untold,

listening closely as legends unfold;

I walk with pride in Darkest night ,

my beloved family feels so right...


We swan-dive into the volcano, burning:

We'er creatures of the fire,

Mingled male and female, yearning

for the heat, the sweet explosion of desire.

I splash into the pleasure, all consuming;

I'm joyfully insane.

My passion for you deep, and fully blooming;

Long after, sweet warm flickers still remain.

You make my body sizzle with your kisses,

And yet there's so much more;

My heart is kindled too; It knows what bliss is,

This closeness that I've never felt before.

My body and heart belong to you;

I'm peaceful and complete.

I see more adventures coming for

we too,

We creatures of the tender fire and heat.


Choose Your Path

You are of a unique kind

The blood within you is unlike all others

You are half angel and half devil

And with Judgement Day drawing near

It's time to choose your path

Will you be the one

To save all of mankind?

Or will you be

The destroyer of the race?

To follow the footsteps

Of your mother or your father

You cannot remain neutral

In the comming war

Of your mother against your father

In the battle for mankind

Will you cause them to suffer?

Will you save their souls from it?

It's you decision to make

But either way in the end

Nature will take back what belongs to it

So will you be the devil

Or the angel for their souls?

Do you want them to suffer

Or do you simply want them away?

You are the half-breed spawn

Of God and Satan themselves

So will you follow your dark father

Or your holy light mother?


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