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Name: knightshades
Birthday: Apr 17 1982
Location: meh whatever
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 07 Nov 2011

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want to know anything about me go ask my better half she knows me better than myself darkness is the path of light

one cant come to know they self without inner darkness turn into darkness as this is a lonley path

untangiable truth manifest with the spark of genius

inner fire directed with one blown wind of intent and kept in by check life with in

the body is a body it has no life

there is a ghost in the darkness

knightshade stranglethorn oath of a dark templer

Blade with whom i have lived,

Blade with whom i now die...

Serve me right and justify,

Destroy one more heart of evil,

Still one life full of pain,

Cut well old friend, then farewell.

Code of the Paladin and Templar^^

"Destiny, chance, fate, fortune?they're all just ways of claiming your successes without claiming your failures."

" it is tradition that one stay silent for three days after battle , if our actions didnt speak loud enough, then nothing else need be said

: the fatal flaw in every plan is the assumption that one knows more than the adversary:

only in my field do wolves watch the flock

Beauty awakens the soul to act." -Dante Alighieri

What a man does for pay is of little significance. What he is, as a sensitive instrument responsive to the world's beauty, is everything!" - H. P. Lovecraft

"As equal were their souls, so equal was their fate."John Dryden, "Ode to Mrs. Anne Killigrew"

ive schemed for far to long to be supllanted by dead gods if i cannot have this world then no one can

this is how wars are one not with armies of soldiers but with a single knife blade artfully placed

Heaven why would i want to go back when ive spent an eternity trying to get the stupid people there satan the devil himself

Sodium is a metal that reacts explosively when exposed to water. Chlorine is a gas that'll kill you dead in moments. Together they make my fries taste good. parable of my other better half and me

Build a bridge to your mind

Takes me there everytime

Lay it all on the line

If there's a way

Build a bridge, make a path

Overlook the aftermath

Make my tears be your bath

If there's a way

Only if you'll take a ride

Go with me to the other side


Even though it's gonna crumble down

I'll keep building till you come around

Even though it's gonna fall apart, break my heart

I'll keep building 'till i die

Build a bridge of memories

Stretch it out overseas

To the end of the world

If there's a way

Build a bridge made of pain

Send my longing down the drain

Have no reasons to complain

If there's a way

Only if you'll take a ride

Go with me to the other side


Wait... wait for me....wait... please wait for me [x2]

[chorus (x2)]

Hear the epic tales of a time now far past

When man kneeled to the power of the sword

Hear the deeds of the mighty knights

They Believed in the sacred fire of glory and pride


I sing the saga of the bravest and proudest god

Of Asgardr's court

Blood, ice, earth and moonlight blessed his soul

He was called by the king of kings

To be the Defender of the sky


I invoke your spirit, O Lord of light - I call you

[- From: -]

May i sing the story of the Bright God - I call you eternal Lord

May i sing the deeds of - HEIMDALL

With solemn words

I invoke your spirit, O lord of poetry - Messenger of ancient tales

Hear the story of the theft of the necklace

The duel on the dark island, the anger of evil

Thus came the age of destruction and death

When the darkness of war engulfed all the land and the sky


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