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Name: Pheonixx
Birthday: Jun 7 1991
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 03 Jan 2012

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Personal Bio

Hello, My name is Pheonixx and I am Wiccan.(: First off, I would like to thank my Twin, Saphyre, for introducing me to The Craft, about 3 years ago. (: I absolutely enjoy studying with him. We are powerfully connected. (: We are only solitary Witches, but hoping to be High Priest and Priestess of our own coven someday. I've done some basic protection spells, and good luck spells, and even a spell to keep away the nightmares. I do NOT do any type of hexes, curses, or love spells. If you have the slightest intention of hurting someone, do not ask for my help.

I would really like to get into Candle Magick. And I would love to learn more about Divination. If you have any advice, or questions, or if you simply want to chat, send me a Mail. (:

Other things you would like to know about me.....

---I am happliy engaged to the sweetest guy on the planet. (: He is my everything---.
Family means the world to me. We may not see eye to eye, but I'd do anything for them.
---My friends are crazy, but I couldn't picture life without them---.
Music is what keeps me going, I'm constantly singing, or dancing. (I'm really glad that I don't have an office job. Hehe.)
---The kitty that you see in my picture, his name is Reaper. ^.^ (Don't be fooled though, he is mean, and constantly a pain in the butt.) He is constantly knocking things off my altar. No matter how many time I move it, even to a higher place, he still manages to get up there and tear things up. (I think it's his only goal.)---
I listen to mostly rock, and heavier music. My favorite bands are Apocalyptica,Black Veil Brides,Bullet for My Valentine, Disturbed,Escape the Fate, FiveFinger Deathe Punch, Metallica,Three Days Grace, and many many others. (:
---I really really want to go back to college someday. I miss school.---

I enjoy making new friends, so don't be afraid to Mail me! (:


Blessed Be,




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