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Name: plague_rat
Location: In the clouds
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 21 May 2012

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
My screen name is plague_rat (I am excellent at stating the obvious -.-) You can call me Sofie, plague, or rat. I LOVE LOVE LOVE AFI, Emilie Autumn, and Kerli. I speak Dutch and I am very interested in Europe and the Victorian ages. My favourite colour is black and I am in a band with 2 other of my friends. I became interested in Wicca and the magick arts when I tried to do a spell in the fifth grade. I draw anime, write stories (mostly horror and murder), poetry, and I write songs. I am under 18 so nothing 'sexy'. I'd love to join a coven. I've actually tried to start a coven at my school, but I can't even announce the idea to my friends without one of them laughing, getting all Christian on me, or getting freaked out and 'warning' everyone about me. sigh. I'm Gothic, but I don't dress like it, so I guess I'm "Emo".

Hair: curly and to my shoulders

hair colour: dirty blonde

eyes: blue

Skin: White, maybe a bit tannish?

I'm usually quiet and shy but I have a totally different side with my friends. I love scary things and curry. ;) I am a white witch and I have cast a black magick spell b4 (big mistake) My Egyptian numerology is 8 and i thinks thats cool because 8 is the magick number. I really like to fantasize about weird stuff that's unusual. I have only 2 true friends in my life. I love House of Anubis and I love to act. I want to be a writer when I am older, maybe an actress or singer. I love to sing and i sing VERY high.

celebrity crush: Eugene Simon and the dudes from AFI

fave school subject: Social Studies and Theatre arts

stereotype: Normally i don't like labeling people, but I guess I would have to be either Emo or a nerd.

favourite move: Holes

Favourite book: Holes and Hex hall (how could i not love Hex Hall?)

personality: I'm usually quiet like I said before. I can be very scary and violent, I think I have a good sense of humour, I really HATE girls that are catty, and boy do I set them straight. :P I really think beauty is on the inside, even though I'm very vain. lol.

I cry in the worst times possible, and when i actually NEED to cry, I can't. I think sometimes i can be a warm, loving person, and then I can be maybe evil a bit?

Favourite song: Have no idea but if would have to be either, Opheliac by Emilie Autumn, Fizzy Lettuce by the WooWoos, or Silver and cold by AFI.

Best thing about me: I am creative and unique

Worst thing about me: I can be, again, evil


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