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Name: LillyLuna
Location: Bath, Somerset UK
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 15 Dec 2011

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
1. What's your full name? Lilly Beth Hart

2. What ethnicity(s) are you from? French and latin

3. What color eyes do you have? Blue

4. What color hair do you have? Black

8. What's your favorite color COMBINATION? Green&white

9. When you're going to school (or work), describe a typical outfit you would wear, accessories, shoes, and what you do with your hair.

I would wear handmade jewelry, with strappy sandals, and I would probably just brush my hair and go!

10. Describe yourself with three words.

Germophobe. Crazy. Kind.

12. Do you believe in God?

Yes, and the goddess ;)

13. What does the number 13 mean to you?

The natural number between twelve and fourteen.

14. Truth or dare?

Truth, it's more genuine.

15. If you picked truth, answer one of these questions.

-Describe your first kiss. Wet....

-What is your most embarrassing moment? Vomiting on my principal!

-Why didn't you pick dare? Because the truth is true.

17. Do you say bad words?

On the very rare occasion I get so made I might explode.

21. Can you sing?

I cant, I have no musical talent.

Anything else just ask ;)

______________________________________________________________________My name is Lilly, I was born on Halloween and I think that is why I'm so mystical and different. I have literally been practicing magick as long as I can remember, even if it was saying silly spells and wishing. I love life and earth, My obsession is animal's I want them all, even the bugs!


What a wonderful joy it is to see,

The beauty of nature and its majesty.

Everything blends, entwines and embraces,

Spaced precisely in their designated places.

What a marvel to see, I wish I were a bee,

Flying free,

Smelling life's roses, no particular place to be.

How can it be, such a marvel to see

When it?s possessed by such as you and me?

Ours to have, cherish, and protect,

Not to pollute, take for granted, nor neglect.

Enjoy the earth, treat it kind

After all it is ours, yes... yours and mine.



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