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Name: Cyva
Location: Venus
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 15 Jan 2013

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Welcome to my lair. Oh, how my heart fills with joy to have stumbled upon this beautiful website. So nice to find the few places where others like me dwell. I am quite the odd being. Currently a level 1 Reiki student. Since Reiki came into my life I am able to look at things with a new perspective. While, as humans do, I make mistakes they are not nearly as many or as large as before. My outlook on myself and life has changed for the better.

My spiritual sustenance is art. A handful of mediums I use are painting, writing, hair styling, clothing design, Drunken boxing, and sculptures. Studying to become an Herbalist and graphic designer. Learning is always a joy. When I am 110 I still wish to learn, as being old does not always mean smart enough to not need more knowledge. My life mantra is the sun rose and set before this/you and it will rise and set again. I do not tolerate being treated badly, I will not retaliate but simply move on. There are billions of people in this world and if you do not treat me nicely with respect, someone else will.

My heritage is many Native tribes, Cherokee/Zalageesh and Pueblo-Jemez branch are the dominating blood lines though I have other tribes distantly. I am fascinated with other cultures as well as my own and one day shall become an accurate historian. I say accurate because the American history books I have read are to be questioned. For instance, they say the Egyptians (forgive me if that is not the correct term) hauled blocks that weighed over a ton with ropes over miles. Right. You go try that and get back to me. Then go on to omit the most fascinating facts about them, such some vibrate at certain times of the year and are lined up based on the stars. "Primitive" they say.

I am on the lookout for people on the same spiritual level I am. My sense of humor ranges from nice to naughty. I do not like people who gossip, if you are one of those, please don't waste my time. I am only interested in genuine friendships with genuine people. Arrogant folks do not click so well with me either, no one can know everything. That is the only thing I believe to be impossible in this Universe.

Conduit closing.


(I love you)


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