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Name: MoonScryer
Location: Lost between time and space
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 20 Dec 2012

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Now that you have clicked on my profile, you should know.

I don't just encounter fate, I embrace only what I must but try to change the rest. I

f you really want to know me better, message me.

Also message me if you need to ask any questions, Im not new to 'the arts'.

Or just message me if you have any general question, I will answer all qusetions with brutual honesty and am not shy about it.

A bit about my self. I am of no particular religion, I prefer to remain neutral. But if possible join rituals to learn. Because as I say, ' knowledge is power', and I do not think of myself as weak. I am my own religion. But I also believe I could change if some one really sets their mind to it. Here's a poem I wrote at about 3:00 after one of my ritual night terrors/meditations. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am the girl who weeps

but I am also the girl who carries everyone else's responsibilities around.

I am Atlass, or maybe Atlesse?

The girl who carries the world on her shoulders,

and is afraid to tell anyone

that she hasn't been a 'girl' or 'child' in a very long time.

I am a girl who pretends to be okay,

but is actually dying inside each and every day.

I am....what?

I am....a kid in pain?

There are many of those.

Pain at the cost of....what though?

Happiness perhaps?

I am a girl who wants to scream and beg for help,

but there is a voice in me telling me to hold my tounge.

I am a girl who wants comfort,

but doesn't want to open up,

for fear of losing control

or to be strangled in the arms of another

their fingers interlocked,

holding me back

from the wieght I have been made to accept.

Or maybe, I am just a girl

who carries the wieght

of the world on her shoulders.

I am a girl.

I am a broken girl.

I am a girl who is just now starting to drop some of the wordly wieght,

and is willing to put herself back together again.


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