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Name: Hippychick6
Location: New Jersey
Gender: Female
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I have been "gagged" there fore I can not send messages or even type on chat! I think it was for talking of drugs or something quite silly... Anyways looks like I'm going to make a new account.. I will add a few of my friends I've made on this'll know it's me!

Hey! I'm Faith! I've been studying witchcraft for about a year now, and began actually practicing and performing witchcraft about 6 months ago. I'm a teen, gemini, and very mature for my age. I am still a beginner but I strongly believe in my abilities and powers. I know that I have something not many others have. I pick up strong spiritual things beyond this world everytime I walk into a room. I'm able to fully read most people after hearing their voice and just taking a look into their eyes. I have so much yet to learn, but I know that if I put what I have to my best of abilities, I will be able to do incredible and wonderful things. I'm planning on having a life full of prosperity, love, peace, and wealth. I have tried many times at teaching my friends this wisdom within me, but they can't seem to grasp onto it. I truly believe that this is something you are given with birth, a gift. And my gift back to the Gods, is to use it!!
I would love to become successful in the art of witchcraft but my mind has always been drawn to deceased spirits/paranormal activity. They've been able to speak through my mind since I was a child, I can feel them everywhere and 90% of the time they are very open to communicate. I was raised a christian and my parents could see that I was very different, they made sure I was saved from all evil, and I am in the hands of God. I do not mess with dark magic simply because evil is afraid of me. Ouija boards have acted very funny around me. Our house is extremely haunted, my parents called for an exorcist twice. Both times were unsuccessful. Every member of my family say they have experienced very odd and frightening incidents including a mirror and paintings in my house. I myself have never actually been "messed" with. If anything, I mess with "them".
I like to feed my mind with fun and amazement, I am very into psychedelics..acid, shrooms. My mind is already so active, tripping is always just incredible! I have so much to preach, yet so much to learn, but so much to give to this world. No mind is the same, so doesn't that already make you special?
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