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Name: LadyWyndsong
Birthday: Mar 18 1993
Location: Brandon, Florida
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 16 Jul 2012

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Hello all, Blessed Be and welcome to my profile! My name is Alex, but I have many nicknames that I respond to, but none I will list here. I have been a practicing Wiccan for about five years now, and I am currently solitary, having left my coven and am currently looking for a new, less organized and catty group. I enjoy working with covens and the energy it creates, but I'm also finding myself enjoying my solitary work and am looking into brushing up on my kitchen magic. As a person looking for friendship in others, I firmly believe in "May you walk in love and light," along with "In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust." If I do not feel that those two exist within you, chances are you and I will not be very good friends. However, if I believe you possess these qualities, chances are that we will become very good friends. I am fiercely loyal to my friends, and I will never turn my back on them unless they dissolve our friendship first.

As for more of my work with the Craft...

As a Solitary Witch, I find a freedom in the ability to focus solely on my energy and putting my all into everything I do and feeling a sense of fulfillment in knowing that through my hard work and effort, I am seeing things that reflect what I give out. When I worked with a coven, I enjoyed taking a role as a teacher, helping others and offering guidance to people who wanted input on their lives.

I work with familiars. I currently have two cats that I have had with me since I was a child. A male and a female. However, they are getting old and I adopted another cat (male) to eventually replace them. Although it is a heartbreaking fact, I do love my current familiars and thank the Lord and Lady for sending them to me. Aidyn, the youngest, is a true blessing because he has reminded me of so many things that my current familiars taught me at the beginning of my journey. A "Back to Basics" revelation, if you will.

My male counterpart and companion is showing an interest in the Craft. I have been teaching him simple things, but if anyone has any pointers on what I should teach him first -- or merely have something that you think he should know -- I would greatly appreciate it.


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