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Name: WolfStrides
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 14 Nov 2011

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Hey all,

Well I go by Strider and Hellswolf, I've been interested in magic, the occult, spiritualism, and more since I was a little kid. I've always felt different and on the outside like there was some bigger picture to life that I had a part in but would never truly realize. I've been able to see auras since I was fifteen but didn't start getting really into the spiritual until I went to college, where I met a group of guys who threw me headlong into the spiritual, on the dark side. I had been doing tarot reading and such for years and can almost instantly connect with a deck if I have no hard feeling twords the owner of it. Well Just to give you an idea of the darkness I've seen, these boys got me using a Necronomicon 18 with little to no knowledge of what I was getting into. Well you can imagine how scared I became. I locked away my sight and magical development and have only recently, after spending much time studying the Egyptian, Greek, Celtic, and Irish ancient religions and Druidism and Shamanism, that I have come to the realization that I should never have locked away a part of myself. I'm looking, nay hoping, to find other believers on here who can help to guide me and show me the proper way to become connected with all again. I wish to unlock myself and my memories and take on the gifts I was given since birth. I do not want to study magic for personal gain but only to help better myself and those around me. Always remember the rule of three and the golden rule, magic and the elemental spiritual nature of our world was not ment to be harnessed for evil motives. Mother nature is not in her essence evil, but all mothers can be vindictive at times.

About me, Female, 21, from the USA, Major spiritual believe rooted in the Druid.

I'm an Aquarius. My Zodiac sign is the horse...I think it's either metal or wood but I'm not sure. I feel an intense connection with nature and all animals. I'm especially drawn to Wolfs, Dragons, and Horses, but mostly to wolves. I feel that the represent Pride, loyalty, strength, fierceness, and above all a sense of duty to the family. I have been connected to them since childhood and though I have no proof, I do believe that the Wolf is my spirit guide/ totem. I am mostly new to all of this and could really use some guidance, I hope to find a "good" coven who'm will help me along my path of enlightenment.


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