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Name: lordvamp_666
Location: binghamton
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 21 Oct 2012

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Personal Bio
if you want to know about me ask

first off im only here to help my friend out whos the priestess of black twilight btw she asked me to take over as priest. so

please dont ask me stupid questions on how to become a vampire god damn get over the facts; ppl dont turn ppl into vamps this is not twilight like in the god damn movies

also here is the coven application


Age:(Council Members must be 18 or older from this point on. ABSOLUTLEY NO EXCEPTIONS)

Years in the Art:

Part I: General Knowledge

1. Duke Astaroth of the Goetia is referred to as a demon of the First what?

2. Under what modern magickal systems do the Sephiroth play heavily?

3. According to Aleister Crowley, What is the law, what under will?

4. According to Catholic dogma, the choir of Angels, also known as the Watchers, are known by what other name?

5. Finish this stanza:

Nine woods in the cauldron go-

Part II: Basics of Ritual

6. In Wicca, the protective circle is cast "thrice about" in which direction?

7. Shaman induce meditative trances through the use of what means? (There are more than one and I will accept any of the correct answers)

8. The sword (athame, ritual blade, etc.) is attributed to which elements?

9. List the elemental spirits attributed to each Watchtower.

10. Thelmists use what ritual to close their rites?

Part III: Symbolism

11. The aspergillum is a representation of the phallus and masculine power. What ritual tool represents the female aspect of the duality?

12. The cycles of the moon reflect the triple aspect of the Goddess. What is the triple aspect?

13. What is the symbolism of the pentacle both inverted and regular?

14. The wand in the Golden Dawn represents which element?

15. Some sects of Satanism practice Blood Sacrifice. This is a metaphor for what? (It took me 6 years to gain entrance to the particular sect I am refering to. I don't expect anyone to get this question correct but its a nice little peice of info if you can figure it out.)


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