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Name: witchipooh
Birthday: Jun 20 1984
Location: Buffalo ny
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 28 Aug 2015

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My name is jessica! I'm 29 yrs old. I'm a gemini! I live in Buffalo Ny. I have 2 very smart,pretty,awesome daughters who are 9 & 10 yrs old. their names are Lizziey my youngest and Jordan my oldest. We do alot 2gether as a family bike riding, walking, going to park, swimming, go to the movies,dirt bike riding, snow boardn, go to beach, long family car rides, mall, play dress up A LOT! We believe doing things as a family is very important. I also have a dog name ozziey.Hes a brindle pug and he acts more like a human then a dog lol!cat name jasper hes a black with tiger strips hes great! My parents have told me on my mom side n dads side my great grandma n so on b4 were bloodline witchs n on my moms side there were a few grea great great family members who were natural bloodline witches since i was 11 yrs old i always felt different. Since I was 11 i have tried to find out my family witches n more info so i can learn more and understand my heritage better. I would also like to pass down my knowledge n heritage down to my daughters. My mom, my sisters n i all have different abilities. My mom can sense danger or feel if someone who is around is nagitive or positive person to b around. She also sees certain things in her dreams that either come true in a good way or bad way. My sisters who r twins also can sense. My one sister can just shake a persons hand or touch a person. I dream and first started when i was 8 yrs old i my step dad was workn late n i went to bed i woke up to hearn him calln my name this happend 5 different times of the night after my mom n i kept lookn for him thru the house n outside my mom jus kept telln me to go bac to bed i was just dreamn as i was walkn in my room hospital called n my step dad was in a horrible accident at work. I no i was dreamn bc i was in bed but not a sleep. Their wer other things i sensed when i was younger bout people just like my sisters n my mom. later on dreams started comn true when i was 13yrs old when i was 14 my mom n sisters sat me down to explain somethings to me about my bloodline and thats y this all happens to us.when my youngest daughter learned to walk she would run to phone n give it to me b4 it rang n it would ring n samething when someone was jus walkn up to my house she would go to the door n bout 2-5 mins later sure enough someone would knock their was no other way for her to no any of this b4 hand unless she sensed it. When she was talkn she would say persons name n phone would ring or person would knock. My oldest also senses but its different with her if she feels the other person is negative she wont got by them or talk but will say we have to leave where every we are but she can also sense good people. I seen both my daughters on computer looking up witches i asked y they were they both told me bc they feel for some reason its important that they learn. So i believe its time we all learn n understand. I no their young but til this day i wish my mom n sisters would of told me the truth alot sooner then when they did i would have more understanding n more knowledge. I would like to learn spells n herbs to heal n help others . I would also lik to learn more about tarot. I have done a few readings which did help guide other friends with the life paths. I am very happy to find info of my ancestors were bloodline witchs on both my parents famlies. Just to officially hav the knowledge of that makes me happy n helps understand mor things. When i learn more spells n u ne recipes i will not use to harm neone or miss use only to understand, help, n heal others. Im now tryn to discover which coven will best for me to learn n teach what i will learn.


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