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Name: RunnerRunner
Location: Right behind you :)
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 01 Jul 2012

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Personal Bio

I am a wiccan and I do have very powerful abilities. I can see spirits, tell people's future, I can read people's minds and can guess what they're going to say next before they even say it. I am a daughter of Zeus and Hecate. I believe and worship more than one god. I believe in the Greek gods and goddesses.

About Me

I love riding horses, reading, writing, swimming, shopping, singing, acting, running, playing instruments, hanging out with friends, watching movies, playing video games, gymnastics, fishing, archery, photography, hunting, driving ATVs, role playing, dancing, modeling, boxing, wrestling, kick boxing, martial arts, cheerleading, and so much more.

Favorite Music

Screamo, Country, Metal, Hard Rock, Death Metal, Rock, Rap, Pop, and Hip Hop.

Favorite Movies

Insidious, Drag me to Hell, Paranormal Activity 1&2, Paranormal Entity, Last Exorcism, Hocus Pocus, The Thing, Wrong Turn, Let me In, Scarecrow, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hide and Seek, Vampires Suck, True Grit, JB NSN, Flicka 1&2, Secretariat, Moondance Alexander, Dreamer, Sea Biscuit, and so much more.

Movies I Want to See

I don't know.

Favorite Books

The Host, Time of the Witches, Wicked Lovely Series, Game of Thrones Series, PJO Series, The Lost Hero, Maximum Ride Series, Odd Girl Out, Star Girl 1&2, Fire Girl, Beautiful Creatures, Beautiful Darkness, Beautiful Chaos, Dark Life, The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd Series, Avalon High, Lemonade Mouth, The Scarlet Letter, Lost, Stolen, Taken, and a whole lot of other books because I read all the time.

Books I Want to Read

Son of Neptune. City of Glass. Max. Fang. Angel.

Favorite Quotes

"It seems that fate has a dark sense of humor. I'm a girl with hell standing between me and my dreams. No matter. *laughs* Not even?fate can stop me." ~ Me

Favorite Foods

Vegetarian foods, PB&J, PB&B, Fruits, Veggies.

Favorite Places

The creek in my grandma's neighborhood, because it's my thinking place.

Places I Want to Visit

Lansing, MI. Athens, Greece. Rome, Italy. Paris, France. Linz, Austria. Berlin, Germany. And the rest of the USA.

Anything Else

I'm a wiccan and I'm a psychic, I can see ghosts, and I'm a daughter of a very powerful man. I am NOT evil. I'm actually a sweet girl. I'm friendly, funny, fun, intelligent, successful, pretty, clever, mischievous, brave, curious, courageous, trustworthy, respectful, honest, and the BEST advice giver in the whole wide world. :) (As mentioned at the top ;D) And I'm bi so I go both ways. :)


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