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Name: thale16
Birthday: May 20 1991
Location: somewere in the darkness
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 28 Sep 2011

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hello to all, my name is seth, im into the pure energy we get from our surroundings, then use the energy for good couses. only hardly do i feel the urge to use black magic, becouse remember for everything you do, it comes back three fold. i dont feel many emotions, to be honest, i dont know how. at the age of 9 i was abandoned by my father, my mother was killed years before by a car crash. i diddnt have anyone else, i diddnt know anyone else. so therefore i was forced to live on my own. i would travel as far as my feet could take me. surviving by eating what i could and drinking what i could. by the time i turned 13, the man i call brother found me almost dead under a bridge ledge.starvationg, dehidration, and infection the main couse. jayz was his name. he to was alone, a 18 year old, whoes parents both died from a drive bye. he tought me very few emotions in my life, and the emotions i do feel i charish with my heart.

my best friend in the whole world would be the night sky, and mother moon. the only friends i would look up to and enjoy it's company. i have been into the energies of magic, or our surroundings since i was 15, i wanted to heal an elderly woman from a tumer she had in her brain. every full moon that i got to spend with her, we would sit in my moon circle, and share our energys, we then would pray. about three months later, the tumer was gone. could it have been from the energys? or just luck? that day made me become a true belever, ever since, i give my life to wicca. i am 20 years old. i have very long silky raven black hair that reaches to my lower back. i have icy green eye's that turn to a grey blue when im upset or shy. i have a pail peach skin color. i dress in the beautiful style of gothic and am proud. i have snake byte pearcings, a toung ring, and what manny people believe to be desturbing, silver spikes decending from my neck, kindove like a coller. yes, you may think im a freak, but if i am a freak, your a freak as well to judge. i wear black lipstick and eyelyner, and at times i will powder my skin to look pailer. i have a huge fasanation with the dead. my hobbies, well about everything. i will try everything once other than drugs and drinking. im above the influence. ^_^

i have for only one mission in my life, and i am due to follow and complete it. i am to find who i really am, learn my emotions, for i fear if i dont, i will stay hollow till death departs me.

im not good, nor am i evil, for i havent found who i am.

~ a kiss with cold lips, and eye's as dull as death, i come fourth the night, walking the paved street of my dreams, dreams of nothing, but blood and darkness. screams ecoing, the room filled with their pain.

mother, father, nothing no more, gone forever, just as i, long ago lost never to come back.

am i even alive, i cant feel my heart. it's shattered remains upon the floor, crushed by my foot.

live my life forever alone, to complete my goal. ~

one day, as surly as everyone else, i will die. were do we go once we depart. since i was young, i have always though, . . will mother be their? even though i knew she died, i couldnt cry for her, to be honest i diddnt feel anything. does she hate me for it?

hate, hate, hate, .. .. whats the true meaning of the word hate? i have never felt it, love, sadness, pain, what are they? happyness, . . whats the true feeling of happyness.

im here to learn who i am

to learn how to look into my past

to look into the future

healing spells

destroy spells

to learn anything anyone would be willing to teach me

i already know how to to manny thing such as


comunication with my spirit guide

asteral projection

some healing spells

some destroy spells



i study people, and eventualy learn who they are by their expretions.

i dont talk much, so thats how i comunicate.

if any questions please message me

i wont accept any threats or discuragment in any messages, if so, i wont take it kindly.


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