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Name: BeccaSullen
Location: Mystic Falls
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 17 Dec 2015

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Name: Katherine

Nicknames: Kathy, Kat, Kitten, Tiffany, Sidney, Sid.

Species: Vampire.

Turned Into A Vampire: I turned into a vampire on September 11, 2012.

A Little About Me: I hate smoke, i love The Hillywood Show, I am a little weird on music, i write my own songs, i am a singer/actress/director/songwriter. I love all of The Paranormal Activities movies, i love The Vampire Diaires, i don't like Van Helsing, I am working on my own parodies,.

My Transformation Story: I have been lying about me actually transformation story only one person knows the real story on how i became a vampire, the real story is: i was in the hospital, and while i was in the hospital some guy turned me.

i don't care if u think im a fake or that im not a vampire cause im a bi*ch and i also think everyone has there own opions.

Favorite Bands: Evanscene, Muse

Favorite I cant think of the word for it: Marco Beltrami, Carter Burwell, Haword Shore, Nathan Barr, Michael Suby.

I will be coming out with more spells and more vampire spells, more becoming things ur not spells and shapeshifting spells.


For all of u guys that have mailed me, the reaosn i have not mailed u back it because i can't mail people. THere's a game that i play. its call immortal night. my name on there is Katherine Pierce-Doppleganger and u can mail me on there and i will mail u back.


check out my videos on youtube. my user name is Claudia Prescott.


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