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Name: fairsky
Birthday: Nov 21 1995
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 13 Nov 2011

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I'm 15 years of age. I can be loud or quiet, depending on how comfortable I feel. I'm easygoing. Also, I'm an open-minded person and try to be as nice as possible. I never try to be offensive. And if I do, it's because you've done something to deserve it.

I learned the hard way that it's impossible to please everyone. So the best thing to do is just please yourself. I know certain people will disagree with my opinion/s. And I respect that, because they're standing up for what they believe in. Everyone's different. Everyone likes different things. The world's never going to be in agreement.

On a less serious note, I enjoy long walks on the beach while listening to music and chilling with friends, drawing, singing and talking trash. But who am I kidding? I never get to take long walks on the beach since I'm too lazy and I'm a lousy singer.

Well, direct to the point. Believe it or not, i'm a vampire. I never knew my Mum and Dad. I'm living with my Grandma, she told me that my parents died in a car accident a day after I was born. Which is November 22, 1995. I did a lot of research back then about that accident, but I found nothing. It all started when I was 12, i would wake up 3AM in the morning and be all nuts for being thirsty. Water won't help it tho, not just that, I keep dreaming of a girl with 3 dots on her forehead telling me to come with her. Its really weird and i really don't tell my Grams about it (she's old). I don't go out often, because the sun bugs me (it doesn't kill me like what ALWAYS happen on TV). I'm a loner, its obvious.

I reached 13, still wondering about the death of my parents and the damn dream stuff keeps getting worse. I told my grandma about that and she won't answer any of my questions. I read a article about real vampires. I asked my Grandma if i'm a vampire but she just laughed. When i look at the mirror my eyes seemed to change color. The time came when Grandma started to feel ill. I went to the hospital to check her out. I came across the store room where they store blood donations. And yeah, i drank 'em.

When my Grandma was about to die, she had Pneumonia. She told me the truth, my parents didn't really die. Well my Mom did, but not Dad. Mom was actually killed by some guys in a clan named Toreador, Dad is really a vampire and he left before I was born and never came back. She told me to look for the chest at the basement and find the note that Dad left. It said a lot of things about me not fitting in the "Mortal" world. Also about being alone "No matter how hard you try, no matter how you try to fit in, you won't be accepted. You are born with a curse, learn to live with it." He said those things, I do have a lot of not normal abilities. Since that day, my life changed. I was placed in a orphanage and some family adopted me. A do drink blood, i have donors.

Some things are not true about those fakes on TV, we don't really die under the sun it only bugs me. We don't drink blood all the time, we eat normal foods like chocolates, my eyes changes into different colors, I don't shine when exposed to the sun. And I hate those people who says their vampires and jokes about it, it is really an insult.

But hey, i'm nice. (I BITE ^^v)


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