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Name: celly914
Location: in your dreams
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PART1: Invasion-The Initial Target 9/14/93: the day the human race became an endangered species. The day wonderboy arrived. 15 years ago my magickal parents dumped me off on this disgusting planet you call earth. Raised by two African American parents i was assigned the name "Marcel Aikens". For years i was forced to live here among the filthy human race. I immediately noticed how idiodic earthlings are with there constant wars..killing themselves for ultimately nothing,and they make our job of protecting much harder. nonetheless i've been able to make some amazing human friends that i would do almost anything for. Art has become my life. Where i once fed off of human energy, i now feed off of the works of great artists who inspire me to expand my mind and do the unthinkable and one day SURPASS their creations lmao. a few years back i discovered an energy source called "swagg" over time ive learned to harness this power,only increasing my knowledge of it as i live amung these fleshlings. They're bareable, but no matter how much i love them, they are still a humaniod x] so until my ship arrives, i'll continue to stand out and be a refreshing symbol of hope in this DULL world. in case your wondering who "wonderboy" is..he's that thing you call a shooting star...he's a hero... so if i wr you..i wouldn't undrstimat m ;] LETS RECYCLE =) PART2: WVR-The Enemy-- Originally, I was under the belief that Humans were my enemy. I grew up learning about how the humans hated my species and i was forced to watch movies with my human family that showed humans killing witches. Their films portrayed us as Evil beings who only invade to take over more land and territory..silly, the humans do that to themselves..they must find it reliving to have someone to point the finger at. All humans do is kill to take things they need or want. (off topic)..despite that truth, i came to learn that the humans were not the true enemy that i was sent to invade. Our Profecy tells us that there would come a time where a new race would rise up against us and try to make us become extinct. The name of this race was not said in the profecy because it hadnt existed yet. Now that it does and the storys become here to tell you it.. For years, witches and robots have fought relentlessly. Story has it that the humans created these robots to serve and protect them from witches. Unfortunately for them, the foolish humans didn't really know we existed. As time passed, humans saught the need to create advanced robots that could defend and protect on a much higher level than their previous forms while also throwing in artificial intelligence into the bastards. they came in all colors shapes and sizes, each with pre-programmed artificial personalities so that humans could not just be there masters, but befriend them as well. When i was dumped here, i knew nothing of any of this. I grew up amd lived a "human life". HAha you ignorant fool, Fukk no i didnt forget i was a witch!, i was forced to disguise myself. I became what the humans call a *hero* and gave myself the name Wonderboy(which its meaning has a whole story of its own)i spent most of my time saving the humans typically from themselves. That is until i came across my brethren who had also been in hiding..waiting for the moment to strike against our enemy. All of this time i havnt taken too kind to the robots that ive had to live among, but i never knew why. I never knew that they were created to eliminate my kind. As their A.I. continued to grow, they began to think for themselves, ignoring the commands of their human masters and instead focusing on the primary reason as to why they were even built. The message was scrambled from protecting the humans from us, to flat out just killing us witches. They commanded themselves, and thus made it their purpose....take a deep breath...witches..We dont take kind to the Robots.We do come across Robots from time to time that defy their own kind, so we allow them to join our side. If you didnt know why, now you know, and i know you didnt know because the story hasn't been told. so to you humans and robots reading this, witches have never been known to sit back and take things. WE FIGHT FOR SHI** WE DESTROY SHI** AND WE KILL ROBOT FU**S. To the robots with good intensions, we salute you the rest...well. LETS JUS SAY YAL R FU**IN SCREWED xD This is WVR BITCH xD...ennjoy yourself lmao ;]


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