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Name: GlaciesUmbra
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Please Read: Feel free to check this thread, very helpful for newbies:

Credits to the TS (Topic Starter); LostSeraph which is also equals to me (same person, this is my another account).


A little reminder Before PMing me:

Please put a title in your PMs, if not (especially when it came to an unfamiliar person) it will go straight to my Message Trash Bin. P.S: I don't teach Magick and other things in the occult arts and I also can't teach, the reasons are: I don't have the time, the qualities, the characteristics and other qualities a teacher must have so you're just going to waste your time PMing me about this request.

Go into that link and please read and study ALL of the links and guides I've written on that thread, if you are really serious in studying this craft, then study them, if not better wait for the right time or give up once and for all, that guide is especially crafted for newbies and other experienced one can also find something to learn there somehow, so please study them.

And um, its just OK to PM me, though I'm quite getting tired of just one word PMs like Hi, Hello, and so on and so forth, make it have more meaningful and sensible words and sentences next time.


I'm a Chaos Magician that uses and incorporates styles from many other cultures and paths and abides by the principle of "Absorb what is useful and discard/disregard what is useless" in Magick and Martial Arts, as well as the principle of "Nothing is true, everything is permitted" when it comes to Magick.

Chaos Magick is a freestyle-type of Magick, wherein what works for you, works, restrictions on one's chosen techniques, philosophy and teachings are lifted or improvised to fit the Chaos Magician's current lifestyle, needs, beliefs or capabilities.

For it's all in the intent and energy manipulation.

It's basically a "do what you want" path for me, for everything is possible, for "Nothing is true, and everything is permitted ".


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