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Name: Ravensportal
Birthday: Feb 8 1974
Location: Oakland,CA USA
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 30 Oct 2011

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A psi vampire from the bay area, I hsve been dabling in magic for the past two years. When I was three I had a near death experience. My astological sun sign is Aquarius.moreover it can be pretty difficult at times dealing with cohens and hypocritical daytime people(including the unawakended). I ennjoy public discourse over the web.I am university of Cal berkely Alumni(Kroeber hall,anthropology), on sick leave due to an ongoing mild but attagoniting condition of male lupis, which leaves me feeling drained in the daytime(a true vamp crhonic fatigue syndrome coupled with daytime-aphasia).I absolutely for the most part cannot be out in the intense summer sun for extended periods, I sunburn, bad(the myth of people african descent being unable to get sunburns is just that it, a myth)..Therefore to fill that void I use witchcraft as a medium to broaden my perspective in life. Shortly after I began my studies on the subject it just felt right in my life for whatever reason.My interest in the occult, has only peaked following positive experiences so far. Besides paganism and new age spirituality we Aquarians are known for that aspect of our spiritualuty.I sure hope I make new friends that share the same interests as me. If your kool and otherworldy such as myself, then send me a e-mail somehow,how, I don't know, I am new to S.O.M. My gifts of include:telepathy, being and to usually strongly feel the undercurrent of any given situation,change the weather depending on how I feel(i have native american blood that comes into play), massage healing, and being able to tap into the akashic records pretty much at will(aquarius is also known for this ability), can see auras pretty accuratly,able to tie into a special light spectrum that most other signs do not posess, and had a near death experience when I three years old-it was actually cool(peaceful) I did'nt want to come but my mother revied me. But enough about me what about the rest of you x-men in real life dealing with similar issues.And what can you teach me? P.M. k everybody with witchy wisdom to give, I am here. I'll update this profile on a later day. I have a request for a good death spell. Somebody in my neighborhood is harrassing me.It basically boils down to a modern day witch hunt perpetrated by perverted hetero sexual crhistians with violent acts of display to put this whitch and his weird vampiric ways in his place.I suppose I could buy a weapon but I would prefer to meet my adversaries on etheric ground.I need a good spell detailed from begining to end to bind this fucker. Thank fellow benign mages.


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