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Name: kat_macy
Location: with my sister in are own world of happyness
Last Seen: Mon, 07 Oct 2013


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**** (looking for a mentor in north carolina also looking for my brothers zenra and grey from a past life ) Hello everyone I am Kaitlyn but please call me Kat for short. I am 19 in human years and I don't know how old my soul is tho . I am still working on figuring out how magic works in this world. Right now I see that there is true magic in this world we live in but it is not as strong as it could be. Most powerful magic rezids in the other planes sucks as the astral. I am also tryingt to figure out what im suppose to do in this life magically . I do know that my true element is earth cause when I am around it i feel so alive and it helps my powers recharge .One thing thats bothering me is all the past memoires I have got back over the past year they seem to be disapearing like as if someone was slowly erasing them from my mind. *** If anyone wants to talk or can help me please message me thank you .more about me below ...

Im very nice, sweet and kind , but if you mess with my family or friends you will be hurt :)he he .Other then that I am nice and outgoing I love nature it makes me feel great and naturally powerful when im around it .When I am in the grass with no shoes on and I feel the earth below my feet it just feels me with powerful healthy energy. Another thing is being around or going to a river or steam and just putting my feet in the cool fresh water feeling it rush past my ankles over my feet its just so nice also combined those two together with the wind and its wonderful appsolutely magical .I also love to make new friends of all kinds.If you want to know more about me message me

  • My powers include: , energy manipulation( still working on ),empathy,i can read into people like if there lying or hiding something or there good or bad if i know the person then sometimes i can read more into it, Claircognizance( knowing something without a physical explanation ),Clairsentience(knowing something about someone or something by feeling it),Clairaudience (not the actual perception of sound, but impressions of the "inner mental ear" similar to the way many people think words without having auditory impressions it can be spirits , animals , or inner self etc).
  • What id like to learn , everything i can,starting with energy manipulation get as good as i can at it and learning the elements .
  • Elements: earth is my first element it helps heal me and make me feel alive ,then theres water ,then air, darkness, and ice. (Though I believe that I am with all of the elements.)
  • Religion: I believe what I believe and thats all that matters
  • Music: I love all kinds but they have to mean something to me inside
  • TV shows: Friends, My wife and Kids ,The Nanny, The mentalist,George Lopaz, supper nanny,victorius,spongebob
  • Anime: inuyasha,naruto, pretear, karin,vampire knight,kaze no stigma,DN angel,Full Moon wo Sagashite ,mermaid melody, elfen lied ,mewmew power ,girls bravo, darker then black,ah my goddess,gakuen alice,etc
  • Books: Vampire Romance ,Witch,mestery ,poems
  • Passions: drawing,singing ,swimming,reading,music ,the unknown,magic


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