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Name: Tezza333
Location: Australia
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 20 Jan 2012

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Hello fellow magic beings

I've been exploring the nature of reality for quite some time now, since I was about 6 I felt something was wrong with the world and knew there was more to it than the conventional explanation of things..

I know that everything is connected to everything both thru the seen world and the unseen world. Some connections are very direct and some very fine but always connected.

Consciousness creates reality, and where your thoughts go, energy flows.

Magic is the discipline I have chosen to learn, create and fine tune my reality (life).

I'm passionate about numbers, numerology and especially MAGIC SQUARES

I use Magic squares and numerology to create very unique, beautiful and powerful Talismans and symbols, either from empowering single words or complete spells

I Enjoy creating my own spells and Talismans and found they work way better than I expected.

I know that magic squares are the mathematics that nature uses for creating everything from energy to matter, reality is created from energy and frequencies and matter is just stationary waves of frequency, all created from a greater consciousness and that is why our thoughts and consciousnesses (INTENT)can change our reality thru spells and the like because we are part of the great consciousness that creates the reality we exist in, our spells, affirmations or prayers whatever you want to call them are just a way of focusing your intent into the matrix of our reality to encourage the change we desire.

Human Beings are more powerful than most of us think, beings on other levels know this and some exist to keep us limited and on the negative track, they can only succeed when we are in a state of fear so your loving positive thoughts and energies (INTENT , WILL) is the most valuable thing you have , I visualize, create and enjoy this world I have created to experience..

If you want to find out about magic squares and making your spells or words into symbols and Talismans or Mandalas, send me a message and I will help if able



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