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Name: darkdragon95
Location: Australia
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 14 Jan 2013

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okayy, so first and foremost i believe magic is like electricity(can be used to help us in life warm us ect. or it can power an electric chair witch brings about the end of a life) it is not good or evil, it simply is. the way we manipulate it is what makes it good or bad. i have been practicing for several years and have cast powerful spells. i cant cast spells for people i dont know. i do not under any circumstances use it to harm anyone or anything. nor do i use it for selfish reasons. XX-i do indeed have a dark side. when and if i have to use it i do i have been attacked before and i will not stand for someone to attack me or my family. i treat everyone kindly unless they say something unforgivable. then i will throw alot at them. if i am cursed i will return it with a vengeance. XX-i am best at healing spells. i have invoked arachne (not sure how to spell her name) and a couple other goddesses. im not good at elemental magick but i keep trying. :D i am 16, all i ask of people is that they are nice and respectful of my beliefs and i will show them the same respect. i am finding my own way through the world of magic but have a very talented aunty who helps me. :) i have the occasional vision but i dont enjoy them, to be honest they kind of scare me. XX-i am in year ten. i enjoy hevy metal music but mainly older stuff. i like techno and admittedly sing along to girly songs i know the lyrics to. i dont have any talents really i cant sing, dance or draw (i do so anyway) if you want to know anything else feel free to message me. :) just a little more about me: my eyes change colour with my mood. i dont know what colour my natural hair is. x im bix. people who discriminate really annoy me. people who are too chicken to say crap to my face really annoy me. my favorite bands would be: evanescence, falling in reverse, bolt thrower, murderdolls. im not one to cross. i dont like people who think just because their status is higher than others means they can treat lower ranks like crap. that im all high and mighty attitude is not kool. >in a relationship.


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