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Name: KariaXchan
Birthday: Jan 4 1996
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 10 Jan 2014


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~~As former Priestess of the Legion of the Light and Dark, I will be here to support that coven fully. I am also still here as personal support, so feel free to message my inbox, whether it be about a personal problem, spiritual concern, or for medical advice. I will also answer any questions on healing in various forms, meditation, literature, and other various topics within my knowledge, though I am limited on knowledge of strictly Wiccan beliefs. Have a good day!

***Personal info***



Sexual Orientation: could be seen in many different ways, and happily taken by Aki :)

Music: Jrock, industrial, techno, dubstep, dance music of many sorts, vocaloid

Favorite colors: black, rainbow, cherry blossom pink

Favorite plants: bamboo, other hydroponics, cherry blossoms, roses, lilies

Favorite element: water

Birth element: earth

Religion: agnostic, very scientific, yet very spiritual and I believe in a lot of Shintoism and Buddhism

Favorite mythical creature: mermaid

Chinese Zodiac: rat

Western Zodiac: Capricorn

Aura: mainly indigo, blue, violet, and sensitive tan, with some other colors in moderation.

Instrument: flute (Chinese wooden, Filipino king flute, ocarina, Indian bamboo, and western),piccolo

Languages: English, a little latin and french, a VERY small amount of Japanese and Cantonese

Ethnicity: genetically German, Cherokee, Scottish, Irish. considered by my friends a genetically challenged asian :p

GOALS: lose the last 15 lbs, be successful in school and become a trauma nurse, learn Cantonese and Japanese, help as many other creatures as possible while also helping myself

~~I love the occult and became interested after my grandmother died when I was 3 and two of my favorite uncles at a young age. I plan to be a registered nurse in the trauma field for a career. I am not really a social person, but I don't mind talking if you have something good to say.

~~I've been working on getting down to a healthier weight and I encourage anyone else with that same goal to keep working at it! It feels pretty great on mind,spirit,and body. :)

~~I love animals and nature, and feel it is easy to connect with them. At the moment, I have a chinchilla, bird, dog, cat, a bunny, a turtle, and goldfish. I view each and every on of them as family :) Rest In Peace to those passed. You will always be loved. I believe my guinea pig, Ino, who passed away during the summer of 2013 is a spirit animal of mine. She is my baby

~~My religion isn't really of any category, but a mix of science and various religions I've gained from communication with spirits and connecting with my own energy. However, I do greatly respect religious and philosophical figures such as Buddha and Confucius for their ideas. They were wise, respectable men, and I agree with much of their findings. All in all, I'm open to anything pretty much... if you can prove it to me. ;) Despite my psychological and science based theories, I am actually a very spiritual person, and I do believe in deities (to me, still undefined).

~~I have fixed so much I needed to change about my personality, much of that being from help from Aki. For that and so much more I am beyond thankful! Though I tend to act like a child when hyper, many people fail to see my philosophical side. I change moods like the day changes to night and night to day, all depending on the people around me and my surroundings. Even as I change my gender appearance or surroundings, though, I am still always me, and now I am very happy with myself. I have been broken down by many things in life, but I always learn to get back up. I am stronger than I may seem. For the most part I'm quite open and like to show people who I am before they judge. But I only feel comfortable showing EVERY side of myself and allowing all of my energy to be felt by one person; I am yang and Aki is yin. If you are not her then please respect my personal space.

~~I try to earn everything good that comes to me; I don't believe in taking the easy way out. No one is perfect, nor am I, but I do have high standards for myself, and I do my best to achieve them. Despite my occasional depression, I do tend to have high self esteem, but I try to refrain from bragging. I hate that in other people, so I try to rid it from myself. I really do my best to be selfless, because I always view myself in others' shoes when possible. And I've had a rough life at certain times, but I know others have had it much, much worse.

~~I'm at a loss on what else to say. I love writing, and words can be an amazing thing, but can you truly describe a person with words alone? Not in my opinion. If you'd like to know anything else, ask. :)


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