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Name: BFHeadmaster
Location: Southern United States
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 03 Jul 2011

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A life long practitioner of magick, I have been fortunate to come across many exciting and unnerving things in my career. A past practitioner of Necromancy, I have seen and dealt with the evils of our world; yet I have vanquished them as well. I first started my journey as a lone wolf. A dark wizard on the road for destruction and hate, but in mid 2007 I had a change of heart.

In 2007 I joined a now disbanded order, the Guild of Magickal Brethren; a small order based out of the Southern United Kingdom. I slowly worked up the ranks to Enforcer within the guild. The job of Enforcer was to uphold the rules and regulations of the guild, and I might say that I did my job. In 2009 my actions as Enforcer caused the guild to disband, but I may say that it was for the best. I then went on a "lone wolf" adventure again, but in December of 2009 I began teaching Wortcunning to some local enthusiasts and I became hooked on magickal education.

I became infatuated with learning and teaching, and I began studying disciplines such as demonology, Enochian Ceremonial Magick, Potions, Alchemy, White Magicks, and Divination. In early 2010, some family and I founded The Order of the Blue Flame where I was appointed Wortcunning Professor. I worked up to Wizard, 2nd Class when the Order broke, but I kept it going; claiming the position of Grand Wizard, 1st class I brought the order to the world. I remained Grand Wizard, 1st class and Wortcunning Professor as I brought the Order to an online venue, where it still remains. I met a very well up-and-coming witch that calls herself Jewel de Lune, and I knew I found a star (no pun on the name). We started a teaching sector for the Order. In late 2010, I left the Order to battle some of my past demons, but returned to find the order all but lost. I quickly reestablished my post as Grand Wizard, 1st Class and Head of the Grand Council.

In June 2011, I expanded the teaching sector of the order to a complete separate entity, The Blue Flame Academy of Magick. I hold the post of Headmaster in the Academy, and I am still working as much as I can and as hard as I can to develop this Academy to a full functioning Magickal Education Center.

Thank You,

Headmaster, The Blue Flame Academy of Magick

Grand Wizard, 1st Class, Order of the Blue Flame


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