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Name: MnemosyneC
Location: Where my stubby little feet drag me...
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The following is an excerpt from the unfinished and untitled book that I am cuurently writing.

"The adolescent generally believe they think they know it all and often lead themselves to portray an arrogrant and naive personality. They find themselves highly impatient with the art of wisdom. So recurringly they hate taking the crucial but seemingly wasteful steps that are necessary to succeed. They think that qaunity is more important than quality and assume that having more in life, especially material, is better than having a rich exuberant life filled with happiness and a sense of maccomplishment.

The adults who straddle the fence between the missed years of youthful bliss and the dreadful years of lingering senility belive they learn and grow as they go, at the convienence of the occasion. They seldomly take advantage of what they have learned and apply it tactfully to their life. Especially when, if they knew, they could become more efficent ad productive with their time. They could if they wanted find to gain an uncertainmountable amount of expererience and joy that otherwise would have been wasted on meaningless routines and tasks. That oftentimes are faulires but yet are repeated because they don't know any better. Or Adults masquerade the lie they tell thmeselves to distract them from thinking about the responsibilty of life and reality; Hence the term insanity was invented.

The matured post primed enduring elders in the years of ripe and hardened joy and laughter and sadness and stressful disquitude most frequently engage the belief that the young never learn. They may have unpleasantly withstood a myriad of obstacles to survive and grow; and they may have cultivated a compartment of skills and discerned a mind of bookshelves and alphabets. But in all that they have attempted to do and all that they have accomplished they can customarily lack the prudence to remember what they have stored away in their ever so fading temple of memory that they have structurely built.

Yet this completes the eternally cyclic rythym of ignorance that is bound to repeat itself over and over again for the remainder of either time or our survical as a species. We will always continue to revel in our fantasy of meaning and purpose, always pondering the point of it all. Constantly but frustratingly trying to figure out why we are here and who the hell in all of creation decided it was a funny joke to whisk us into existence. As we go on the same old circle we will continue while we go about our trite little lives always believing that we are special in some way. Some people will lead horribly tragic unbearable lives, some will lead either average or mediocre lifes going to work everyday paying hills trying to make it to the next day etc. And then there are those who will lead extraordinary amazing lives that will be either blessed beyond imagining or ones who will make powerful life changing contributions to our world. And this is thus 'life' described most simplistically but yet in the most imaginitive way."


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