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Name: BadLuck
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Many years ago I started on this website and now I am preparing for spells such as flight, telkenises, and rambling. The rambling is going good, however, the telekenises is, well, I don't know what I'm gonna do in the event that I take off into space and am unable to breathe right, forever, since I'll be stuck going further and further away from the earth, forever. I am kindly a protection specialist, barely. Curandero is my name. Protection itself is made possible by a small token called a black quartz, protection costs: unlimited positive energy called fifty cents each at Curandero stores called Botanicos. Available at all fine European neighborhoods mixed with Pacific Islander hoodz which several centuries later turn into Mexican, Puerto Rican, etc. neighborhoods. Avast in the neighborhood communities there are anti-harm protection and reversible protection called bodegas are called contra-danos. I'm lighting a reversible right now. Its called Bodegas. Say it louder than words can speak Bo - De - Gas! wink! :]

I am like being followed around by many enemies who are into the craft. Russ is one of them, he is a bad person who cursed me or something like that. Perhaps a name like DJ rings a bell. Send me help if you could.

There is an ocean right next to my house. Teleportation obedience training people that's you. Right next to the hood are coconuts everywhere, as well.

What else, I'm a skateboarder and a gnarly surfer. Well the surfboard is on the way the telekenises part will come in handy when approached by, you guessed it, sharks, big huge Great Whites.

Can someone please help me out with an outomatic teleportation safety spell level 9 so I wont be bit? They are everywhere out here. I also need the easiest to use money doubling spell to donate a shark net to the city I'm in.

Also, I need the most potent money spells out there, if anyone has them, with safety measures. Very most potent. And no I'm not doing this for the money.

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