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Name: Raki
Location: Portland, Oregon
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 29 Jun 2011

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Fun loveing person, really want to learn. I feel the most comfortable and closest with the element of fire. I love music, art, photography, anything that has too do with art in general. As i said before, i am very eager to learn. And would love a teacher or group to help me, with the ways of Magick.

As I said I LOVE Photography, I have a few pictures uploaded under "photos". Photography and Music are my favorite things!!! Next to friends, I have a lot of love for all of my friends and family.

I grew up Christian, but turned towards Wicca, about a year ago. I am 16 and my parents don't know, that I am turning towards Wicca now =p, they would probably think I was weird. My parents are closed minded, but i'm not. I am very opened minded about a lot of stuff.

I am not homophobic either. My best friend in the whole world is Bi-sexual.

Favorite Music is Country, Pop, hip-hop, Rap, and R&B. I love music, its so uplifting and emotional. It's one of those things that can turn your mood into so many different things. My favorite artists would have to be, Taylor Swift, Cold play, The Script, P!nk, Christina Aguilera, Nelly, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Faith hill, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Reba Mcentire, Lil Wayne, and Katy Perry.

I love photography and everything about it, my favorite shots are of Nature. Being outdoors and being in nature is just beautiful. I love everything about it, the fresh air the crisp smell of pine trees. Just amazing.

I was born March 23rd. And I am a Aries, I can be stubborn, and when I want something I will stop at nothing to get it. Like I said above my element is Fire, but i feel comfortable with Earth, and Air. Water is a different story. I am fun loving and a sweet kid, with only the best intentions. My goal in life is to please others, and to make others happy before myself. This is why I volunteer at a Food Bank!!!

Anyways I love being with this community and everyone in it. I wish only the best for everyone and there studies, and hope all goes well.

"May life lead you down roads of gold, and love be filled in every step of the way!"

Love forever and always, -Brandon =D AKA (Raki)


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