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Name: Skylance
Birthday: Mar 21 1990
Location: Japan east coast
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 04 Dec 2016

Membership: Member
Coven Title: Priestess

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Personal Bio

"Using magic to solve all our problems means making nature unnecessary. You know that magic can only be performed with the power of the spirits in nature. Magic must be based in nature, not the other way around. Magick cannot exist without the powers of nature." ~Aventura

I became an eclectic witch in June of 2002. Since becoming Priestess of this coven, I've been determined to be the best priestess I can, and do my best for my coven members.

Most of what I know about witchcraft in general is self taught through books and meditation, and a mixture of my beliefs and values. Life has a way of getting busy, and one of my current goals is to focus on my witchcraft more and learn more about it.

Angels have a strong presence in my life, and I tend to go to them for advice and meditation quite often.

I'm an Aries, though I only made it to being an Aries by a day! For Chinese Zodiac, I'm the year of the Horse. I was born under the Archangel Michael.

I've seen other people mention what they're studying or learning, so I thought I'd add a little of that too. Mostly, I work with angels. I'm working on learning the tarot decks. Different decks have different meanings, I've found. The two tarot decks I resonate strongest with are a fallen angel deck and a pharoh oracle card deck. I also use a hidden path deck and a manga tarot deck and a shamanic wisdom card deck. I can write in anglo-saxon runes, and use them constantly in my magickal workings. I'm planning to learn other runes as well. I have recently picked up my herbal alchemy books again.

I am also currently working on earning my Corellian first degree.

What else do you want to know? Random Facts: I have six younger siblings (yes, six. three brothers, and three sisters. None of them are wiccan). I grew up with holiday practicing Jewish and Christian parents. My guardian angels probably definitely work overtime when I drive. My favorite actor is James Dean. =D

Also, I'm a little obssessed with Asian Ball-Jointed dolls. ^_^


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