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Name: OakWillow
Birthday: Mar 1982
Location: Fort Campbell, KY
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 01 Jul 2011

Membership: Contributor

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Personal Bio
I have been gagged.

I'm also a Council (of both sexes) to two covens here, so, it just stands to reason that since a "gag" feature is in place everyone's number will come up eventually.

Having recently received some good information from another member here about a past life, I'm going back to Asatru.

Currently 29 and in the Army, stationed to me plenty of time in the night to meditate (very efficient at currently.)

I have an affinity to the Air Element (and feel "at home" with it) and attempt to commune with it daily (or...every other day as time permits out here.)

I also have a spiritual site (linked in the ad forum) that I first orginally begun to learn others' paths of life and ideas/reasonings. However, it has become more of a regular "chat site" then anything so I came here also to learn.

Although I focus mainly on Air Element, at times I may research and read other elements, but I find my home in Nature and the Air Element.

Current Abilites/Focuses:

* Can create small breezes in a room

* Can use small breezes to move objects on other side of room

* Trying with all my magic I have been able to get fire to "flicker" in my hands for brief seconds, but fully drains me each time...making me tired and irritated (heh.)

* Focusing purely on the Air Element and Mind Magic through it since the others are "nice to have" but...I don't really want the other elements if that makes any sense. I know everything works in harmony but I have my Air Element and I'm happy with it. :)

Background Information:

* Upbringing: I grew up in an abusive alcohol/drug household and remember one thing very vividly. One day my mother had brought home another..."friend" and was making loud noises (which I thought were hurt noises...don't remember the noises now to say otherwise) and I was fearful for her. Digging my head deep in my pillow and with full focus on her, I astrally projected for the first time. I had what seemed to be angels (not sure) all around my body lifting me up in the same position as when someone dives into home base in baseball, however reverted, with body facing up. The, what appeared to be, angels were carrying me up past the earth up into the cosmos and when I reached "the top" for lack of a better word, I was floating and standing up. However, after about a minute of just walking around and fealing "at home" I suddenly had the rush of going back to earth and when I reached my body my body flung up and was like "whoa!" Then I laid back down and forcefully tried to imagine myself going down back into my body to ensure I was "all there." Haha...I was 7.

* Adoption: At 12-13 I was taken to a pastor's house for foster care in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, USA and he was one of those "fire and brimstone preachers" forcing me to learn christianity and all its venues. At 14 I was adopted and took on his name.

* Re-Learning: When I was 18 and just joining the Army I had begun to remember that experience I had when I was 7 and it drew me to "witches and wicca" (the only knowledge I really had...and the internet was really starting I had to go to libraries.) Wicca seemed a little too feminine to me (no offense meant to anyone!) and too much "do this and this and this daily" that it also, drew me away seemed to have a "truth" I was looking for.


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