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Name: night_glow
Location: Earth, maybe Luster one day (:
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 18 Jun 2011

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Every saint has a past, and Every sinner has a future,

I am better able to imagine hell than heaven; it is my inheritance, I suppose.

Love is absolute torture

So...I dont remember most of my story to be perfectly honest. I dont remember my past people tell me, lifes before this one...until then I am stuck on Earth. My mother is someone unlike anyone else...but she is noy my mother in this life. I have my current parents...Most of it doesn't make sense to me. My life before this one I remember little bits every day..mostly from friends who have seen me through till now. In my life before this one my name was Alice..I think. I had one sister named Ashley and two brothers, Joey and Derrik. Most of my memories have been forgotten from this life but I will try to sum up what I do remember...

Joey would always sit away from the family on the roof...the family was falling apart constantly. My father was abusive and our mother we had never known. Ashley was like the mother within us. And Derrik held us together very often...All of this didnt matter when i died and my soul tranfered over...I dont remember much but a child with skin like stone...It all sounds like a story book or a dream...and for all I know now it might have just been that, a dream. But I cant put any of it together...for that I apologize..

Now I know my life though. I know who I am right now, though not always where I am going. I am the element of light in a group known as the Seven. Its led by someone on here who goes by the title of elementwitch... I dont know what each will bring..I seem to have a way of manipulating people without meaning to and I see the future in dreams..I sound absolutely crazy now but I am not asking anyone to beleive me, its your choice to read this or not...If I can change my dream I can change the future..It seems all kinds of trouble in my head..Half god from past lifes...something I dont even understand is my lifes from the past...Thats all I got for now...Thanks.


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