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Name: IndianBlood
Location: Hopefully not prison, depends on where the cops look
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 21 Aug 2011


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Here are the things u should know. Im a skytz I'm a bit sadistic. I have been called a sketch, but I don't think I am. I'm nice to nice people but if u hurt me, my friends, or an animal I will not hesitate to skin u alive :). My element is fire, I am addicted to fire. I believe in violence cuz like I said I'm sadistic. I like to hang with older guys (16-25) cuz their minds can actually have a train of thought. I tend to not get along with other girls. I have been called "another nutjob kid into self-distruction" and someone said they Could right a "award winning thesis" on my profile bio :). I love conversation and I respect others views and opinions. I'm a creepet. I was gagged for using text talk, sorry. RYAN AND STEVEN GET THE F*** off my profile.

--- read this and tell me what you think ---

I don't see a black, white, or Mexican. I don't see a Christian, Jew, or muslim. I don't see a saint, devil or deviant. I see no angel, demon or a purgatory. I don't see these things because i do see. I see we are all people, one not better than the other because we all eat food, drink water and breathe air and in the end they all die just as quietly.

"I have a HUGE poster of Justin beiber on my wall, I throw knives at it :)" ~ the

messed up voice in my head

"the question that always made me hazy is wether I or the others are crazy"

"monsters are real and ghosts are real too, they live inside us all and sometimes they win."

"adults think they control me now, but they can't argue that i am the future

"i have terrible dreams and beautiful nightmares."

"you know what they say about good intentions, they pave the road to hell"

"would you like to join my cult? It's a cult of unpopularity. To join you must have individual thought, opinion, and personality. You must be the way you are and ignore

all others hate and greed, this is a cult that circles the globe. And fills it with individuality"

"I had a life and sold it for a personality"

"every rose has its thorn, and every thorn has it's rose"

"have terrible dreams and beautiful nightmares"

--------------------- funny movie moment --------------

"god creates dinosaur, god kills dinosaur, god creates man, man kills god, man creates dinosaur, dinosaur kills man"

"women takes over"



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