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To be mindful is to be aware of ourselves and to be aware of what is around us. To be mindful is to know who we are and where we are, many people only dwell in the past or in the future. We only imagine who we are and not truly know ourselves. With wandering thoughts, fear and anxiety arise and haunt us days and nights. We should become mindfulness so we can attain great happiness and achieve great wisdom. We can see better without thoughts because there won't be any bias. Thoughts are just our own belief, it is just our own point of view. For instance, some people might ask "Do you believe in God?". It doesn't matter whether we say yes or no. If we are hungry, then we're hungry. It doesn't matter whether we believe it or not. Truth doesn't require any beliefs, but only requires deep understanding. It is knowledge that gives us wisdom, not beliefs. Thoughts are just our own beliefs, there is no need for thoughts to be there.

As I had mentioned, many people don't know who they are. When we first come to this world, we don't have any judgements or imaginations but only with pure awareness and consciousness. We were taught to think and imagine when we were very little, our parents would say, "you are very handsome, you look better than that boy over there...". We were taught to be better and not to be ourselves, we were taught to be comparative. And now the "I" is created, the ego and the selfishness begin to exist. Comparing with people would not lead us anywhere, but suffering ourselves deeply. Our mind then starts to function in a way like this "I am smart!", "I am handsome!", or even "I am the best!". Once someone said something bad about us, our ego cannot accept it and we start to become mad or even cry. When someone say something good about us, we will smile and laugh. The reason why we easily get influenced by others is because we never knew who we are. All we want is to be perfect, but we cannot because we don't even know ourselves, when something bad happens to us, we would only blame the people around us. The reason why is because our ego cannot accept our own failure or mistakes, this is the reason why we cannot improve ourselves much. We have an obstacle that prevents us from moving forward, the obstacle is ourselves.

Mindfulness is the best prescription for curing the mental disorders like anxiety, phobia and ADD or ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). The reason why we are out-of-control is because our mind is not balanced, we got attached to the "ego". When we are mad, our body starts to shake and our attitude becomes worse. The more we try to struggle over our mental issues, the more severe it gets. Mental problems is a part of our mind, a part of ourselves. Think about it, what will we get by beating up ourselves. We don't need to struggle, just accept who we are. The reason why we struggle is because we cannot accept ourselves, we don't want to be like this, we want to be better. Struggling only makes our mind go far more crazy, so just accept ourselves and relax. Acceptance is the key to inner peace and joy, but first we need to know ourselves for us to accept ourselves. Once we accept ourselves, the war will end, there will be no more sufferings. Our mind will become calm and peaceful, happiness then will arise.

The point of mindfulness is a path to attain 'awakening', to end the sufferings of birth and death. We need to learn how to meditate for us to become mindful, by meditation I mean to become aware. Awareness is the key to become mindful, how can we be aware? Just accept who we are and let things be, don't push or force, just be ourselves. JUST LET IT BE AND WITNESS, this is the key to awakening. Everything happens for a reason, situation will become worse if we hate it. Why not enjoy it and share our love with others. Everyone enjoys love, our love and compassion might create a miracle.


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